Greatest recovery from single blow

Seeing Tim Sylvia recover from Arlovski's big right hand made me wonder about other fighters who have recovered from big shots. The most memorable to me was when Pele kneed the unholy crap out of Carlos Newton's face in Pride, I believe. The Ronin just shook it off and finished with an armbar. Mark Hunt's recovery from two Cro-Cop high kicks and an axe kick in their two fights in K-1 and Pride is also remarkable. Any others that are as impressive?

Karo recovered after getting absolutely clobbered by Serra - that was very impressive!

Fedor's recover from that Randleman slam was pretty awe-inspiring.

Matt Hughes v. Frank Trigg

Fedor - Fujita.

Fujita clocks Fedor, Fedor does the fish dance, clinches and hangs on for dear life, recovers, kicks Fujita in the gut, hits him with a one-two, takes his back and chokes him out.

I forgot about Fedor/Fujita! Mix6APlix, how can you say he wasn't hurt?! The guy took a shot to the head that had him dancing around like a drunk sorority girl! Oddly enough, he still drops his hands a lot.

Fedor vs. Fujita is about the scariest that comes to mind for me. As for Hunt/Crocop, the scary thing about that is Hunt wasn't even hurt by any of those kicks, so he didn't really have to recover.

I'd say Vanderlei coming back from the 1st round in the rematch with Quinton was quite a feat, even though there was that BS with the bell or whatever. (Or I'm mixing it up with another fight) Silva looked DONE right there, but then he came back, fought so strategically that it would have made Maurice Smith and Ernesto Hoost blush, and ended the fight with still, the most profoundly violent finish I have ever seen in a fight. Period.

Lebanner/Aerts in the K1 99' Grand Prix

Silva got Ko'd by Tito and recovered to be held down and run away from by Tito.

Who was the Japanese guy that got blasted in the face with a knee shooting a double on Alexey Ignashov in a K-1 MMA event? It was one of the most brutal knee KO's I've ever seen. Problem is... the guy wasn't KO'd! He popped right back up as the ref was calling the fight. He was obviously unaffected by the knee because he started arguing the early stoppage immediately. Hell, I was surprised his face was still attached to his head. Absolutely brutal.

"Fedor was never hurt, so he didnt really recover."

I think that was some sort of Russian variation on the drunken monkey (called the drunken Russian Experiment, was it?). Anyhow, clearly Fedor was not effected by that punch. Fedor had been very influenced by Genki Sudo's fighting style at the time, keep in mind.

Fedor's recovery from Fujita and Randleman.

Hunt's recoveries from various Crocop kicks.

Gomi took a knee to the face that shattered his cheek bone... He didn't miss a beat and went on the win (that was against Ryan Bow who is no laughing matter)