Greatest Seminars

On the UG someone was asking about the best seminars you attended. I thought I'd post here as well:

4 seminars stand out, in no particular order:

Ryron Gracie: (at great explanation of stabilizing and attacking from the mount, passing closed and open guard, etc.

Pedro Valente: outstanding explanation of standing self-defense moves and a very deep speech on the meaning of jiu-jitsu.

Rorion and Rener: outstanding standing self-defense explanations by Rorion, outstanding ground attacks including leglocks and north-south attacks from Rener

Relson Gracie: great self-defense based seminar, much information about defending against strikes and attacking with strikes on the ground, very enthusiastic and eager to help with any question or move.

Good thread... a lot come to mind.... mmmm.... I would say Rodrigo Vaghi, Luiz Palhares, Daniel Moraes, recent Alliance seminar (Marcelo, Cobrinha, Jacare, Gurgel). Relson and Rodrigo Gracie.

id like to catch an eddie bravo seminar

Romulo Barral

BJJ - Roy Harris, Matt Thornton

FMA - the late Prof. Remy Presas, Mang Romy Macapagal

Other - Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Leon Jay (Prof. Wally Jay's son), Leo Fong

i learned alot f good no gi stuff from rodrigo gracie. shaped my whole game attending one of his seminars.

I've been to a few, and the best was Rickson Gracie.

Showed things that made basic techniques actually work, and would come around to you to see if you had the move down, and wouldn't leave until you did.

Contrary to some opinions, he was also one of the nicest guys I have met in the Martial Arts. Very genuine. The type of guy who would help anyone, even if he didn't know them.

luis gutierrez: the harness game, the chin strap.

Marcio Corleta: Great tips on tightening up positions you thought you knew.

Saulo Ribeiro: The consumate instructor. Just perfect.