Greatest Striking Team In IFL?

From the looks of the first event, it looks like the Silverbacks. I'm not sure if you guys have seen Ben Rothwell, Rory Markham, Bartimus "Maximus" (I am not spelling that last name). But even Ryan McGivern can throw a little.

I'm not too sure about the striking ability of other teams. I'm sure this post will draw a few idiots, with limited knowledge. Please dont post here. Im looking for input of IFL supporters, or at least fans that have seen these other fighters fight.

Rory has some nasty standup. And at 170 he is going to pack some serious knockout power. Just knocked Mike Pyle out with a superman punch.

Ben Rothwell has some serious skills as well. For how big he is he is certainly very fast and brings a ton of power with that 6'5 frame.

Ryan McGivern has great standup for a wrestler. This makes his fight game very well rounded.

Bart has great stand up as well. From what I last Saturday he was picking Shacklefold away with combos of punches and kicks.

The Silverbacks for sure.

Ah.. good friend snow... how did i know that the "Forum Pecker Neck" would show his face on an IFL thread!

"I'm sure this post will draw a few idiots, with limited knowledge. Please dont post here."

LMAO... didn't realize that with this disclosure, then entire site shuts down...

Ah... I miss the old underground days

The Tiger Sharks seemed to have some ill strikers. I was really, really impressed with Brad Blackburn. His technique was very sharp.

bartimus is one of the best strikers I've ever seen, he would knock out or get a tko over some of the best in the UFC today. Now on IFL everyone else will see too