Greatest worked fight in MMA?

So I hear that Pride has been under suspicion for working fights on here all the time. The best one that I've seen, and I'm talking best finish was Takada vs Otsuka in Pride 7 I believe. It was pretty much a pro wrestling match with a few running drop kicks, suplex, Otsuka getting a nasty rope burn on his arm from horse playing and the finish. Takada kicks Otsuka in the chin from the guard and Otsuka does a 360 spin with his arms spinning like a helicopter, then hits the ground. Takada gets up and kicks Otsuka in the stomach (while he's laying there like a dead fish), rains down punches, then chokes him out even though he was clinically dead 3 minutes ago. Frick'in crazy! If you haven't seen this, it's definitely worth a watch.

The second best worked fight would be Rickson vs Royler with their jjjjjjuuuuuu-jjjjjitsu demo in an earlier Pride!

sak- randleman

coleman- takada

crocop- takada

Otsuka/Takada was a pro wrestling match and was announced as such at the live event

solidsnake, would Inoki vs Ali fit into the catagory of works?



Coleman v. Takada

Royce vs. Yoshida 2

Otsuka vs. Takada was billed as an exhibition.

Takada vs. Sturgeon

Oleg vs. Macias

Possibly Frye vs. Goodridge 3

Yoshida "gave it to him" due to the BS in the first fight. Royce got the draw (basically a win), and Yoshida took it (the beating)as payback for opening his mouth in the first fight. Pride wanted Royce back (oh well), because he is a major draw in Japan. What better way to get him back to sell out their show(again, oh well)

I'm not saying Royce was in on this. Just Yoshida and the powers that be.

This is my personal feeling on it. No one "behind the scenes" told me anything.

Severn vs. Matsunaga in U-Japan was the best. Severn hit about a half dozen awesome suplexes and then tapped Matsunaga with a weird pro wrestling armlock.

I watched a Japanese version of the Takada vs Otsuka fight, so I didn't know it was an exhibition right away.

Inoki vs Ali most likely does fit as a work, but always remember Rocky vs Thunderlips, it was originally a work, then things got out of hand!

Do you think Thompson vs Alek was a work, or was it just long overdue to see a bizarre fight in the ring like that? Somebody please post the entire fight in the future.

How could we know the greatest worked fight? It might have been so good we thought it was real.

Jack's trippin about one of his.

How in the hell is Goodridge kicking Frye in the head a work? What in the hell would be the logic of a guy who was on his way out of a company in Goodridge, being given a win by a fighter who is still with the company and is more popular and bankable? Makes no sense.

Kerr vs. Fujita was either a work or Kerr's drugs just failed him middle of the match.

Hollywood, I like your explanation of real tough and fake tough. I've never seen somebody so relaxed with a bull in the ring breathing in your face.

I don't agree Frye vs. Goodridge III was a work. The kick connected really well with the shin and Goodridge managed to get his hip over pretty well, not the greatest of power but a decent kick.

Don Frye is a tough son of a bitch but I don't think he is going to agree to stand there and be kicked full on in the head so early into a fight. It could have seriously hurt him.

"Ken Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz beyond a doubt"

Yeah because Ken wanted to make himself look that bad.LOL!

Frye v Kohler