greco question

In Greco-Roman, there's a very fine line between what is a leg foul, and what is not. if you wrap yourself around his leg, it's an illegal maneuver as you're preventing action and preventing his score by using his legs.

in that situation, you can center step your leg between his to keep from being thrown. basically.. I can put my leg in the center, to make you have to change positions, I can VERY lightly step to the outside with my thigh to assist in lifting you onto my hip.. if it looks like a trip.. it's a trip. If I wrap my leg around yours, push on your leg, etc (either use my legs, or attack your legs to prevent you from scoring) I can be penalized 1 or 2 points, and put in the bottom position for it.

i was wrestling a buddy and he got the double underhooks on me (body lock)kinda like tito vs. evan tanner. well, to counter i wrapped my leg around his leg. he said it was it? i didn't think so, i'm just using my legs for leverage so that i am not thrown.
...thanks in advance

You can't attack an opponent's legs in Greco. That counter would be legal in freestyle and MMA, but not Greco.

I didn't realize the slip rule has changed. I haven't wrestled greco for a few years. That sucks in a way, but it's good for the sport. Lots of people used to use the slip bs way too much.

it changed back about 1997ish I believe. the slip rule changed, if you honestly make a CLEAN slip, and the other guy does absolutely nothing, then he scores no point, otherwise, he scores 1pt, and gets to work on top. If you leave the mat in parterre, you return in parterre (used to, you returned on your feet, unless you were on your back) and the addition of the clinch.

A body lock is one of the most dangerous places to be in greco. There are a few good throws from double overhooks. Find them out. What I think samooborona means by "center step" is the most important and basic technique in greco and you should have one foot in between your opponents legs at all times. There is a triangle from your opponents feet to a point about a foot in front of his feet, you should have one foot in that zone at all times. And lastly, as most experienced people will tell you, you need to work on your headlocks, and then work on making slips look like headlocks so the ref will start you out on your feet again.

I have to point out a rule change, so that I don't look like a jerk disagreeing with you. USED to, the headlock idea was good. However, that rule has now changed.. if you slip a throw.. you stay in parterre. If you're going to work on your headlocks, you had best work on hurling them to their back, or have some darned good Par-Terre Defense. By center stepping, I mean exactly what you describe. His Feet form a triangle, step on that spot.. and also notice which direction your feet form a triangle (to both the front and the back) as those are the easiest directions that you can be moved in.

If the other guy already has double underhooks, you kinda lost the pummeling part. chances are he's jacking you up at this point, so lowering your center of gravity is going to be rather difficult. If he center steps, it will make him harder to throw.. while doing that, he should pummel out of of the situation while attempting to lower his hips.. the center stepping buys him a little extra time.