Greco Roman/Freestyle wrestling...

starts in two weeks! I can't wait, I missed my senior year of wrestling at my high school due to an automobile accident I was in, which I was really upset about, my team was ranked #1 in New York State and 23rd in the nation. But now I am fine and I can't wait to get back on the mats, 3 days a week of Greco Roman/Freestyle wrestling, plus I am doing No-Gi BJJ/Vale Tudo once a week. I plan on competeing in Greco Roman/Freestyle wrestling tournaments and submission wrestling tournaments this summer. I am a little rusty because I have been out of action for about 3 months, but it's going to feel great to start wrestling again.

Thanks! My big goal this summer is to qualify for the Empire State Games.

Best of luck!!

Thanks 1groovyunit.

I am training at New York Martial Arts Gym for BJJ. For wrestling I am going to my school's club, there is great instruction there. The coach who runs the club trains with one of the coaches of the 2000 Olympic team for Greco-Roman wrestling, and last year a couple of wrestlers from Russia trained there for about two weeks with us. The best part is it's absolutly free, the only cost is the $50 for the USA wrestling competeitors membership.

im down in tampa and training shootfighting for the first time. ive trained and fought mma for a couple of years, but missed out on the upper body wrestling while focusing on the ground locks; american style. Two saturdays ago we had a submission grappling tournament here. For the first time I was able to defend standing up and commit to offense. We locked up with a double underhook and I managed to nail him with a belly to belly suplex. It was my first time I was able to pull off what I felt were solid clean takedowns due to again what I feel all the upper body wrestling that we train with here. I'm still learning however I feel that the Clinch is overlooked a little more than it should be, it was the clinch that I was able to get that allowed me to get the upperhand in the match.

Best of luck TIMMYDOME!

I am a senior at Valley Central High School in Montgomery, NY.

How long do you think it will take the "rust" to go away, also how long do you think it will take to build my grappling endurance back up? Thanks.


best of luck to you. I have a student who were from Binghamton who trained Freestyle & Greco and competed at the Empire State games. he said it was a blast.

could you drop me an email? i'd be interested in learning more about the Greco training you're getting. are you near NYC or more up to the north?


Good luck bro!


JKDRonin, I sent you an e-mail with some info about the wrestling coaches there, Montgomery may be a bit far from the city, but I hope the info helped.

good luck

Thanks graciegurl.


valley central is tough.

when i was a senior i wrestled and lost to josh jones at the Valley Central tourny. That year Josh was the 135lber state champion.

i was beating him 4-0 going into the 2nd and he came back to beat me 6-4.

good luck, with your wrestling.

-Joe McFarlane

What year did you wrestle Joe?

i graduated 2001. same year as the jones brothers. From Burnt Hills.

i was a stud that "never quite made it" long story...ill spare you the details.

-Joe McFarlane

My main problem is going to be fighting off of my back, because I am a wrestler. I have been to BJJ seminars before but I have never competed so it it going to feel awkward I think.