Greco Roman/Freestyle wrestling...

When I compete in submission wrestling should I just wear a singlet? I have a USA Wrestling reversable blue/red singlet that is low cut for Greco-Roman/Freestyle wrestling, should I just wear that with wrestling shoes and knee pads? Or should I wear my SPRAWL grappling shorts and a t-shirt? Thanks.

Good luck


board shorts with bare feet and no shirt.


How do wrestlers usually do at submission wrestling tournaments?

we always do good. BUt however that also depends on wich wrestler. NAGA has modified there rules so that a wrestler cant use the "take down, let em up" method. If you can get the first take down, and remain dominant..then youll take the win easily.

-Joe McFarlane



I am hopeing to do well. I have a solid wrestling backround (Varsity wrestler for my high school team) and I am doing No-Gi BJJ/Vale Tudo at NYMAG so I should be able to score the take down, and finish the match with a submission.