Greco Roman Training Partner need

I am looking for some training partners in the Sacramento, California area. I wrestled at Oklahoma State and Fresno State and I am looking to continue training Wresling/BJJ/MMA. Please contact me via this forum.

Hey man, if you wrestled for Fresno State and OK state, I'm pretty sure 99% of highschools, colleges, and clubs would love to have you in the room....I bet some would even pay you.



I am looking for a training partner, so I can work my greco/freestyle. California laws prevent me from working out with HS students and there are no college wrestling programs in the Sacramento area. If you know of any clubs in the area please let me know.

Wow, thats a bummer man. I am from Jersey so I don't know although you can try looking it up on


Best of luck, Hulk!

Tex - isn't UC Davis in the Sacremento area (within 30 minutes or so)? They have a fairly solid DI program, I believe.

BTW, CA law prevents you from working out with HS kids? Weird - I've never heard of anything like that.