Greco wins!!

Fight 7 (MMA rules): Sam Greco def. Stefan Gamlin by rear naked choke R1

Awesome result!!! Big congratulations to Sam!!!

best thing is he won by submission

i was told a rumor a while ago that Inashov may be coming to live and train at Ray Sefos gym in Auckland, not sure if it is true

Sam is vicous on the mat....took him only 25seconds....Great job!!!

Sam is frightening to grapple with, incredibly strong and way too fast. Very quick to learn and creative. Easy to see why he is able to transition to MMA.

it would be so cool to see sam vs cro cop

* NOTE: Matt's original quote has been changed since I posted this. Explanation below.*

Is that really what Sam said?

MMA is going to have real image problems, for obvious reasons, if it wants to become 'legitimate', made legal, etc.

I acknowledge that Sam Greco is a great fighter, but why does he need to talk like that?

I once had a BJJ blue belt refuse to let me (white belt) go when I tapped to an armbar. I couldn't move my elbow for a week. It's not a nice feeling and I can tell you he didn't leave me feeling that he was superior to me.. I have nothing but contempt for him.

Man what a fight that could be....

The stand-up would be awesome, K-1 without gloves practically.

The ground battle would be interesting as well, cool to see who has adapted better. MMA experience is on Cro-Cop's side, but anyone who has trained with Sam (senior belts included) can attest to his ground ability.

Go Sam!

Richard ...relax , There is a big difference between a blue belt submitting a white belt with an armbar and fighting for K1 or pride for big money and putting someone in a rear naked choke . The worst thing that could have happened to the guy was he goes out ....big deal . The ref is there , they are all big boys .

Besides i have a feeling that it was a personal email to matt not a press release

Aaron is correct.

Okay, I accept that, Matt. If Sam was just blowing off steam in a private conversation, I don't see a problem with what you originally quoted.

I thought that your original quote was a reproduction of a press release, or press conference, or something else that was intended for verbatim publication.

if you were going against a 158 kg, 6ft 8 guy....u'd prolly do the same

The strongest (physically) person I have ever grappled with... Like Matt said, he sprawls extremely well.. punches you or kicks you as you are still trying to recover... If he puts you on your back, its very difficult to get him off. Stays very tight and well balanced. Submission skills are ok, however, he'll generally hold you down to punch/knee. and he knows where to punch.

I remember following Sam through his full contact karate days. Man he was scary when he fought. Seeing him in MMA under pride rules would be sensational.
I think if anyone could break into the Pride / UFC scene, it would be Sam as he has credibility. I pitty anyone willing to get in the ring with him with pride/ufc gloves.

Nothing wrong with the old ground and pound till he raises his submission skills. There have been losts of wrestlers and grapplers that werent that good at submissions but have fought at hight levels and won.

WOW, XFC or Spartan should try and get Sam to fight on their show all the kickboxing fan's would jump on to MMA and this would be great for our sport..

just my 2c's