Green Arrow just beat Deathstroke

Gay. I just read it at the comic store. Deathstroke is slowly becoming a tomato can.

New issue of Green Arrow.

Actually, the fight was a draw but DeathStroke ended up being surrounded by 100's of cops. It was a draw though in a sword fight.

GA is a way underrated with it.......

nice fucking spoiler btw...dickhead...

Come on...who on here reads Green Arrow?

Thanks, Jerkweed...I WAS gonna pick this one up.

GA is just a gay ass character, but he did almost kill Batman in the JLA couple of issues ago.

"GA is just a gay ass character, but he did almost kill Batman in the JLA couple of issues ago.

Batman was trying to reason with him, and may not have fought GA as hard as he could have. I liked that issue because GA's insecurities were brought to light.

True, but I think Batman was slippin', that's why he almost got speared thru the chest, although I don't see GA having enough power to get thru the kevlar insignia. I also thought it was BS that he could even get close to winning a fight with Bats.

Yeah, for some reason they're trying to push him as a badass. They're implying that he spent a year learning new martial arts....ble

To me, he'll always be a turd for cheating on Black Canary, and screwing a possibly underage Manitou's wife while her husband was working to save the world.


"It was a draw though in a sword fight."

I guess that settles the question of how Conan would do against Deathstroke.

Not really considering DS had his feet stuck in some weird adhesive goop that rendered him immobile, while Green Arrow had his boots coated w/ something that allowed him to move about freely. Read the story before you make assumptions.


Exactly...GA could beat Darkseid under Winick's pen.

Deathstroke is impotent!

Thats not TOO bad

IMO what happened in Robin is WORSE!




Ok, Robin breaks into a high tech prison, and opens a door, Cain is there and was see Robin do a jumping scene Cain is tied up.

Ok, so a guy who is probably top 5 hand to hand in DC, gets his assed kicked by Robin?


dc sucks!!!!

LMFAO at dress shoes!

Who is cain?

Cain is Batgirl's father, and the man who framed Bruce Wayne for murder.

He's also one of the top 10 deadliest fighters in the DCU...think Deathstroke without the meta abilities.