Green Lantern review

 From Aint It Cool:

"GREEN LANTERN is such a terrible movie for a good chunk of its running time that when it rallies late to become the GREEN LANTERN movie it should've been from the beginning, the fan who is well versed in the character's mythology may be inclined to give it a pass and delay judgment until the next installment. It could've been worse. "

 For what it's worth, the guy didn't seem to like Thor, either.

I thought Thor was decent but I expect green lantern too suck a big one. Phone Post

Overdone CGI bores me. It is the old forcing entertainment on the audience instead of expecting them to think or become involved with the characters. But, we'll see how RT finally rates it. One review is pretty meaningless.


i wanna see this on the thursday night first showing but im having a hard time finding anyone that is interested in going to see it...

im expecting an average comic movie on par with the first FF.

 20% on rotten tomatoes

I actually wasn't impressed by that review. It seemed overly nitpicky. And the fact that he seems to think Thor was a worse movie, after he pans GL, makes him lose most of his credibility in my eyes.


Its tracking even worse than i thought it would.

I think ill wait until next week to check out this beast of a letdown.

 Looks like all the Aint It Cool crew disliked it.

 "First, what works: Ryan Reynolds really does give GREEN LANTERN his all.  He's the best thing about the film.  It's an earnest performance and you can see Reynolds kicking, punching, and dragging the movie with him.  It's unfortunate that the movie is dead weight on his back - the script is a mess, the direction is uninspired, and the pace is flat-out boring."

... as you would expect from a CGI shitfest - they producers care more about special effects than the script.

Typical mainstream studio crap. The best thing Marvel did was get control of their own material to make sure it was done right.

That movie was dead to me when i heard they were too lazy to make him a costume and painted it on with CGI.

If you want real Green Lantern, especially if its a beginning story, just watch the DC animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight.

i didn't really like thor either. it was ok,but nothing compared to hulk or iron man.

Son Geekou - If you want real Green Lantern, especially if its a beginning story, just watch the DC animated movie Green Lantern: First Flight.


 Wasn't terrible. Wasn't even "bad," imo. Just wasn't nearly as good as I knew it could have been, and that makes me a little bit sad, because GL's my favorite character :(

Did Reynolds play a sassy backtalking egotist like his Blade III:The Quickening character, Deadpool, or the guy from Waiting or did he try to play GL like the character is written 95% of the time?

 there was a little sass but not typical reynolds level, also despite what people are saying this is still twice the movie xmen first class was

 Interesting; I've read no negative reviews for First Class and no positive reviews for GL.