Green v Mundine Vote Poll

Personally i don't think Mundine could Ko Green.
Remember Green regularly spars Briggs so i think Green is use of being hit alot harder than Mundine hits.

Can't wait to see the result of the Green-Sulivan fight. Just be interested to se if Green has the power and skill to stop Sullivan.

Hows Mundines form?
$2 mill to fight Green and he calls it "Chump Change" says the gate is worth more than that alone. If this is true why wouldn't Mundine and his managment put an offer in to Green for him to fight Mundine???

Maybe Mundine just doesn't want to fight Green.


Gee i dont know...maybe $2 Million and respect. Theres a thought.

Do you think Ottke is going to fight Mundine again?

He is getting close to retirement and has nothing to prove against a man he Ko'd for 5 minutes!

Hear Mundines latest?

Hes going to unify the Supper Middle World titles and then do the same to the Light Heavy divission....And yet he wont even get into the ring with Briggs for a sparring session. Work that one out!

Suplush again if Mundines managment belive he can beat Green and they also belive the live gate would be worth $2 to $4 Million as you have said then why wouldn't his managment team be going to Greens managment team with an offer???

So from What your saying and Mundine has said this fight could be worth up to $4 Million to Mundine and he still wont take it... And your proberly right $2 million isnt much at this stage of Mundines career...after all he holds the title of being the 2nd best fighter in the WBA. Man i thought $2 Million when your not even a World Champ would be ok money.

I am no Mundine fan at all but if his style is to "stick and move" then why would he stand and trade?

Johnny Famechon is one of Aussie most respected World Champs and he made a pretty good career out of a defencive style of boxing,ie: sweet science.

Mundine is known not to take chances,why would he fight Green?
Both camps will wait for them to have a "full" title 1st and milk the publicity as much as they can before they square off.

People like us talking about the fight will only build the attraction up even more,nothing like a fight with good rivalry.

Look at this way,when the WBC Champ faces the WBA Champ then it's an easier fight to sell to a international audience rather than just a national audience with only 20 mil. pop.who generally have bugger all interest in the fight game compared to markets like the U.S.& etc.

Both Mundine and Green would be crazy to fight now but in another 12 months more or less,it will be a sell out,even more so when either Ottke retires or gets beat by Mundine and Green beats Beyer.

bennit your bring to much logic into this topic :)

Now what if Ottke fought Mundine and Ottke won again or Green fought Beyer and Beyer won again???

Anything is possible so isn't $2 mill alot for now?

There have been so many boxer who were about to get their big pay day and missed out due to politics and who the champions wanted to fight thats why we are seeing more and more boxers sueing the alphebet boxing organisations.

$2 mill. is heaps for a fight between 2 Aussies but if you were Jeff Fenech or Tony Mundine and you had all the confidence in the world in your fighter and managers, then why not play for the big fight and go with the bigger payday.

If they both lost to their respective champs then there would still be a big fight for them both,the "domestic" fight will always be there,we will always want to know "who's the best" or (like me)want to see Green give him a belting. :)

Bennit unless your a top heavy or a Roy Jones Jr how much do you think the average world champ makes in a fight littlelone what the 2nd best makes)???

Kostya Tszyu wouldn't sneeze at $2 mill and he holds 3 proper wold titles not none!

Mundine has mouthed off he is the best and when a top purse is placed in front of him he finds a reason to get out of it.

Mundine mouths off because it puts bums on seats,yeah sure he has some self belief but he is in this to make a quid as well.

I'm guessing here but the reason he won't fight Green now is that he can make more money in the
future,meaning a few fights with the Nishizawa's and cheap undercards he can clean up on the PPV money as it is all going to him and climb the ladder as well.

There are rumors that some undercard fights are asked to find sponsors to pay for their fights,how true,I don't know but I do know that the money they pay is crap compared to other promoters.

Who said Green was tripping over himself to get at Mundine now?,there are reports of money offered Green that he has knocked back and if he was so keen,he would of jumped at the chance but they both know that a "real" world title unification bout is worth the big $$$ and by all reports it will happen just not now.