Greensboro guys, Zack Price?

This guy is dating my gf's roommate. He is a nice guy, 230+ lbs of muscle and a bouncer. But he tells me he is 5-0 as a pro MMA fighter but I have found no record of him anywhere (Sherdog, FC Fighter). He claims to train regularly in Greensboro/High Point area, but so far nothing he has said to me has indicated he has any sort of MMA training. I am not trying to dis the guy, I just want to know if anyone has trained with him.

Where did he say he fought? kentucky, Va are really two of the only places he could have been fighting without putting ALOT of mileage down.

Also is he SURE he is fighting pro and not ammy?  Sometimes people get "confused" when they are telling tales.

Georgia ain't too bad as far as mileage but yeh, Viginia is where my buds have fought and the guys from RGJJN affiliate in Harrisburg have fought in Kentucky.