greetings from Singapore!

First let me just say that Singapore ROCKS!

This is by far the cleanest city I have ever visted in my life. It's spotless, green, and filled with very friendly and beautiful people. . .so if you ever get a chance to go to Singapore. . .DO IT, it's amazing.

Big thanks to Kon for organizing a fantastic event.

Kon has a really good overall game, thanks to working stand up with Chico King, the full SBGi curriculum, and a strong competitive Judo background. Also, big congrats to Kon for recieving a long overdue blue belt yesterday with us. He will be purple in no time.

Also thanks to Scott, Vince, the KL Malaysia crew from KDTA, and Leo. . .as well as everyone else. Vince was kind enough to help me demonstrate throughout most of the event.

Also big thanks to Adam Kayoom (I hope I am spelling that correctly?). Adam is from KL Malaysia, but earned a well deserved brown belt in BJJ while training with Ze Mario and the BTT Team in Brazil. He will be in Bangkok for the next several Months teaching BJJ in return for some world class Muay Thai, so if you are anywhere close I STRONGLY suggest getting some training in with him. He has a very slick, highly technical BJJ game!*

*(Note to Liam aka: LEMon. . .he was very interested in hearing some of the 'true' versions of your Bangkok excursion.)

SBGi is in good hands in Singapore under the direction of Kon and there is great training available here for everyone.

I spent the day yesterday walking in little india. There are some unbelievable temples here, and some really amazing people to converse with there. The food is also world class. Today there is a beach, and a set of pina coladas calling my name. . ."matt, matt". . .I can hear them now, so I am off for a bit. The island is calling.

For what it's worth, I was laying by the pool the other day, right next to the waterfall, and as the very polite, youing waitress brought me my drink I gave a good toast to the SBGi crew worldwide. Cheers SBGi!

Be back in a week.

-Matt Thornton

Must be nice, sounds great. Good luck with your endeavors over there.

I must thank Matt again for coming over to this neck of the woods to conduct this seminar and offering some insight into the SBG training/coaching methodology.

The SBG is very complete and shows a lot of thought and experience that drives the training and performance. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know that the folks attending were also very impressed with your presentation style, seminar content and physical abilities.

I look forward to the next opportunity to be your demo partner as it's not everyday that I get to be tied up into a pretzel by a big fella like yourself and it was an educational experience to say the least.

Please keep us informed on your next event. Perhaps you may consider dropping by to Malaysia and see the Petronas twin towers one day - we also have some fantastic beach resorts too.

Also a big congrats to Kon on his blue (did anyone get to whip him?) ;)

Best training
vince @

LOL its all true i swear.
Adam got his brown? thats awesome and way overdue. Say hi to him and tell him to stop ducking me and come back to australia.

did my student Richard make it to the seminar? He was called to Singapore on business and I told him to check the seminar out if he had a chance.


Matt, please bring me back a Singapore cane!!!

Singapore cane??? *shudders*.....

Seriously, have fun over in Singapore Matt. I've been to China a few times, but never to that city itself. Let me know if my geography is a little off, but do you think you'll have the time to check out the Great Wall while you're there? It's quite the sight.

Singapore is pretty far from China.

Huh? I thought Singapore was within Chinese borders?

No, it is a island nation.


You're right! I mistook it for Shanghai!

It is all good my friend.

Last year I thought Kon might have finally snapped when he came back from the SBGI seminar in Bangkok talking about crazy monkey standup and rolling pin knee rides. Rather than tell his training partners "you should have been there" or "I wish we could get these guys over here", Kon has brought Rodney and now Matt here to Singapore completely on his own initiative.

I think everyone there would concur with Vince's assessment of the seminar. Very professionally done and sure to change the way and maybe even the reason many of us train (or think we do).

Alvis, Richard was there on Sunday and seemed to be having a good time. He wins the "good guy to train with" award for his sensible drilling with his partner, an old man barely stapled together. If he is confused why everyone kept asking how long he lived in Australia despite his mild Texan accent, its because when he said who he trained with we thought he meant "Elvis" (as in Sinosic) – seeing your name in print clears that up! - Koga


Please give a big hello to Kon for me.

Kon is da man. One of the nicest, coolest dudes I have ever met.

Message to Kon when I last saw him:

Yeah, it was goin' on.

Keep it up, brother.

Vince, I would enjoy that. I am going to speak with Kon about something in the area again prior to Years end. I look forward to it.

Alvis, indeed Richard showed up. And I will second what has been said, he is a super nice guy, big heart, and great training partner. A real credit to your teaching and your Gym bro. He also spoke very highly of you and the school. Sounds like your doing great, and I am very happy to hear that. Please give him my regards when he returns home.

Koga, thanks much. . .I really look forward to training with everyone again. Such a clear group of people.

I spent the day on the isle of Setosa. . .and it's fantastic. White sand beaches, warm water, old barracks from the days of the British, and relics from the Japanese occupation. It's also different to be walking down a path and see signs that say "caution, moniter lizard crossing". . . kind of brings you back to the moment if you know what I mean.

invite everything as love promises a safe passage through, but not an easy ride.

Thanks guys! As much as I would like to take credit for it, it was all of
YOU who contributed to the success of the seminar. The
enthusiasm and eagerness of everyone was infectious and, from the
moment we began, there was never a doubt that it was gonna be great!

Vince - It was great to have you and the KDTA crew here. Give my
regards to Roy, Mike, Sam and the rest of the gang. Thanks for all the
support man!

Jgibson - When you and your wife gonna visit bro?

I must concur with Matt about Adam. Anyone who is in Bangkok should
definitely look him up. He not only has an amazing game but is a really
cool guy as well.

Finally, I have to say, I managed to put Matt in the deadly "durian"
position from which he barely escaped. I'll be charging privates on this
if anyone is interested...

Anyway, stay in touch all of you and I hope to see everyone at the next


soooooooo does that mean no cane for me?

Sorry I missed it... Have to blame it on the wife...


Jeff - Matt, did you get me a Singapore Cane?

Matt - No I did not, why do you think you need one?

J - I don't know, it'd be really cool to have one.

M - If I did bring you one, what would you do with it?

J - I don't know, nothing really. I'd just have one.

M - and then what?

J - probably nothing

M - Why do you feel you that need something that you really aren't gonna use or need?

J - I don't know, I guess I don't really need one.