Greetings From Temecula

Well, I'm 2 days into my time here in California and have yet to die, although it was close yesterday. The mix of 2 days of travel, the not-so-Canadian heat and altitude made for a very gassed Canario. Today, I felt much better though, which is good since Bas was in town and ran the session. Bas is a very large and humourous man. Other noteworthy points:

- The Anacondas will win the IFL title this year. Chris, Jay, Benji, Alex and Kryztoph are an amazing group of talent and work incredibly hard.

-Tierry is a monster of a man and his French accent reminds me of Canada thus preventing home sickness

-The Team Quest Ultimate Fitness Class is the hardest 1 hour class I've ever done in my life

-Yelling out "Nice Playa" during Spiderman 3 when Parker accidently slaps mary jane will only make a select few laugh, everyone else will be slightly offended

Heading to Vegas tomorrow to train at Xtreme Couture and watch Santore and Mayhem kick ass at WEC

Oh and if Lorenzo at Tompkins could western union my $5 to Vegas, it would be appreciated.

Pretty Boy Floyd 4 Life

has Sokodjou ko'd you yet?

No, Tierry has not KO'ed me yet, mostly cause everytime he times to come near me, I run away screaming. Very nice guy, but man, if he were to hit me with a jab, I'd probably vapourize.

I taught Canario the "running-away-screaming" technique.

Canario here in Las Vegas. Got to see my favourite person in the whole world, Mayhem Miller kick some ass at WEC. Probably his best entrance yet, which will hopefully air on June 3rd. We've been training at Randy Couture's gym while here, which is easily the nicest gym I've ever seen. Heading back to Temecula on Tuesday to finish up the trip.

...I hate you.

we all do dougie its no secret

Phil canario doesnt play for the right team if you catch what im saying he has stated this many a time

i was actually waiting to see pics of canario with some hot chicks on his trip, but nope

I saw Canario on a date once. So I am not sure what to think anymore. Plus she was hot!

^^^ tranny?

No, I check the adam's apple!

Unless she was post-op...