Greg Amici goes to Hollywood

Bro, I know you all love movies. My idol, Greg Amici is going to LA to make it big. He will be a big star for sure. He is huge, bro. One time he sat on a SUV and broke the oil sump - the dude driving it was pissed but somehow Amici ended shagging his girlfriend. The dude tried to protest but Amici took him down and threatened to crap on the hood of his SUV - that shut HIM up, let me tell you!! Let's see that achilles lock work on THAT!! I reckon Amici should do a MMA snuff movie featuring reall MMA fighters (Amici would handle them all for sure) and a bunch of porn stars...who are your favorite porn stars? I reckon Ally Macbeal is pretty hot, but her porn is pretty conservative, what about pride? Yeah, it's pretty cool - but it would be better if they fought on broken glass for sure. Amici would win easily then.

First, Hi KKM.

Does Greg even post here?