Greg Amici would have dominated UF

Bro, Greg Amici is leaving Renzo's to go to LA. I reckon that dude would have done a lot of damage in either Pride or UFC. He was huge!! We'll miss him for sure.One time he shagged a chick in a parking lot in Miami in Broad daylight!! People were freaking out but he kept dogging her like a true sex warrior. Cro-cop couldn't handle that!! He will be sorely missed in New York let me tell you!! I reckon that within the next year he will win pride lightweight division, shag Catherine Zeta-Jones, and win an academy award, maybe all on the same day. Bro, one time he shagged a chick who I swear was Pamela Anderson. He beat the shit out a dude who was a dead ringer for Tommy Lee and then dogged the girl right there on the was friggin awesome. Bro, he shot a load so big it killed a parakeet on the other side of the room. Mark Coleman doesen't stand a friggin chance against this dude. I have a link from his website. This is his cousin in Holland slapping the shit out of some K-1 fighter ooutside a bar in Prague. This K-1 dude was denied entry to Pride coz they were worried he would KILL someone!!! Check it out, bro![1].mpeg

Bro, sorry I'm not very good with computers...I don't know much about how to get the video link set up. A couple of years ago I was in a serious car accident and lost the right side of my head...the doctors filled it up - it hurts sometimes but I'm OK, except when my sister kicks me and pours burning tea on me. Could anyone help me out here - I want the world to see how devastaing Amici can be, bro, this dude could seriously wreck the West Coast, dude...I've gotta go, my head is starting to hurt, oh shit, here comes my sister....

LA will never be the same - Greg Amici is comming!!

Again, WTF?

Obviously you are not up on your MMA, pal. I know a lot of you dudes consider yourself knowligiible (is that correct?), but really you lack martial wisdom. Amici once told me, "shut up or I'll crap on your front lawn." I'll tell you what, I never forgot THAT lesson!!

greg amicci is what a true hairy, bald and round man is all about. he has no shame! amici has the balls of a african rhino. he will mack on any chick and eventually give her da dizznik! amicci for pimp president. he's my frickin idol. any man that has his looks and his brain power who can get da ladies must have some way of tapping into the mystical force's of true playa magic! amicci is what don "magic" juan and snoop dogg and all other players strive to be. ive even heard that ice -t models himself after amicci's teachings. amicci is the past present and future of all playa philosophy. his grappling is sub par but he can get any lady at da bar!!!!!! LONG LIVE GREG AMICCI....AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bro, you are so cool!! At last someone who feels the power of Amici. One time, this dude tried to diss the beegees. Bro, Amici just licked his girlfriend right in front of him. The chick was in love for sure!! He is my idol. One day I want to shag one of the chicks that he has banged