Greg Brady threatening his neighbors


Greg Brady wears long black socks with shorts ?

That explains a lot


He must have been in the middle of undressing after work and ran out there in his boxers


Or sitting around in that get up and day drinking


Lol, big house tiny property. What do you expect? Live in the boonies in a modest home and be left alone.


someone is going to beat the shit out of that old man


Been there. Some neighborhoods have non-stop incessantly barking dogs 24/7, and robs you of so much sleep that you eventually go into a homicidal psychosis.

People who cannot control their dog’s barking should have their dogs forcefully removed, or the owners should be killed.


This. Like how much of a POS do you have to be to ignore your own dogs barking legit all hours they are awake?


I’ve yelled into my neighbors yard “shut the fuck up” a bunch really loud a few times.

They started quieting their dogs down.

I couldn’t even enjoy my back yard. 3 loud dogs barking and they always would all bark if one did.


u can call the city, theyll have em get anti-bark collars

These people were annoyingly ghetto for the neighborhood I never even knew who owned the house because of the amount of people that would be there and come/go.

Idk how much that would’ve helped.

Did you mean Greg Brady loves long black cocks?

I speak softly and carry a lot of antifreeze. I would never yell at the dogs owner like that. It’s rude.

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I have 1 dog and if he barks outside - at any time of the day - for more than 30 seconds my ass is out there corralling him. I have a few neighbors who leave their dogs out in their backyards 24/7 and about once a day i consider strapping on some church socks and a nice pair of plaid larry bird shorts and threatening to split skulls with an axe.


It’s solves the problem if you kill them

I hit a huge blue pit over the head with a hoe after it cornered me in my house and sat outside my bedroom window barking and hanging off the sill. It did not die

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Even if you’re lazy as shit, how do you end up dressed in that ensemble?

that’s hilarious and exactly who I picture every time dude whines about not having enough dick to suck

I recommend hitting it until it dies next time

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Mans got a good point