Greg Brady threatening his neighbors

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Same out my bedroom window at 5am…

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LOL@ a huge blue pit.

I feel like you have kids, they got a dog you didn’t want, and now they dont pay attention to it and its never been trained so it’s annoying to the point that you post your fantasies of killing it in every thread :joy:

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2 take aways:

  1. Incessantly barking dogs are a sign of trash ppl.
  2. Male Karen’s are easy to deal with because you can just fight them; they don’t have the thin veneer of civilized society to protect them that females do.

People who let their dogs constantly bark outside all day are low grade trash.

Depending on the severity in the video I’d be ok if Black Socks lobbed a grenade in the backyard.

Train your dogs not to bark all day, keep them inside, or put a bark collar on them.


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It’s a country called Mexico. If you don’t hate dogs, go live there for a bit.

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Their thirsty for antifreeze

Hold on there good buddy, let me look through my photos…

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If dogs attack you, attack back.

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Motherloving dogs and roosters.

I remember on that TV show ‘Silicon Valley’ when the Pakistani character talks about hating dogs, because in Pakistan they are just a street terror that bite you. It’s fucking true. These are not pets.

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PS for you limp dicked haters:

My own dog that I was protecting. I saw two dogs get eaten alive by a street terror before I eradicated it. Then I moved away.

“Listo para usar”

Indeed, Mexican antifreeze.

Yeah I don’t wanna kill them that much. And me screaming like a lunatic has caused it to stop.

He looks like George Costanza caught Down Syndrome and was dressed in the morning by an English farmer with dementia

I think I love you


My kids used to have a dog. It “ran away” one day. Sorry for your loss, thoughts and prayers