Greg Hardy fights Tai Tuivasa next?

Could be…

Fun fight. I’m leaning hardy.

Awesome. Fight makes a lot of sense and should be fireworks.

Good tilt!

It’s easy to hate on Hardy, but when he took that Volkov fight, that was tight. Just the act of taking it under the circumstances. I still have interest.


I’m in

Fun matchup. Swangin and bangin

Good fight for both guys. Hardy has a lot to lose & Tai has a lot to prove.


Perfect matchmaking actually. I think Hardy will destroy him though.

That will be a banger

I’ve been calling for this fight for a while, because at the time, Hardy was on the way up and Tai was on the way down, but in his last two appearances , Tai looked considerably more disciplined, more prepared, and in better shape. I believe he’s at a new team now and looks pretty improved over his old self. Hardy shit the bed badly last time out and now he’s the one with something to prove. Tybura was a very bad stylistic matchup for Hardy, and Tai is a little more his speed, so the dynamics are there for either guy to win.

But which guy are you picking?

I’m going with Tuivasa.

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I’ve got to go with Tuivasa too…not sure the time spent training/transitioning to mma is enough for Hardy yet to compete with the mid level guys. He has a decent ceiling because he’s so big and a natural athlete, but gotta go with the veteran here. Especially with how Tuivasa has looked vs that level of competition lately

Plus, Hardy is always gasping for air by round two. It seems his asthma will always limit him in the cage.

Tuivasa for me. He showed up quite a bit craftier the last two fights. Hardy gassed out and and was completely outgunned in his last fight. He was not remotely prepared, physically or technically at any level in a fight that many probably thought he’d handle pretty easily after going the distance with Volkov.

Tai looked pretty sharp and improved against an albeit older Struve and then in his last fight which he ended in a minute.

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They should let people with asthma have inhalers in the cage. That’s insane to make them compete without it, it shouldn’t even be a thing where you have to get approved by the commission for it.

It’s not a PED, forcing a fighter to fight compromised, or choose between forfeit and air in their lungs is heavy handed horse shit.

For fuck sake they let fighters fight juiced with a permission slip from a doctor for two decades.

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Tai has looked good lately, TKO in the 2nd round would be my guess.