Greg Jackson Addresses GSP Vaseline Allegations

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“We Don’t Cheat.  We Don’t Need To.” - Greg Jackson

Georges St-Pierre’s head trainer, Greg Jackson, addressed recent allegations of his corner using vaseline on GSP between rounds with There were also reports of BJ Penn filing a protest against GSP’s use of vaseline during the fight.

Like the famed Nipple Tweaking that GSP started and was copied by all Jackson fighters, George has another ritual that was taught to him by MMA Witch Doctor, Steven Friend.  Friend, who is the boyfriend of St-Pierre’s manager Shari Spencer, taught Georges to tap his chest and rub his back.

Greg Jackson stated, “What that’s supposed to do is get your energy in line, or motivated or whatever. So in between rounds, we had Phil Nurse do that.”

Greg Jackson continued,

The controversy came because Phil Nurse also was putting Vasoline on Georges’ eyebrows. In between rounds, you always want to put on Vasoline on (a fighter’s face). So Phil Nurse put all the Vasoline on his face, so his hands might have had a miniscule amount left over from that, when he went around the side and rubbed a little point on his back, and tapped on his chest.

At that point, somebody in the audience thought we were greasing George down, and ran over and told the commission that we were greasing his body down. The commission came in and said ‘you can’t grease him down,’ which didn’t work. They said ‘you’re putting Vasoline on his back,’ and Phil’s like, ‘oh, there might be a little on my fingers, but it wasn’t intentional at all, and of course they wiped it right off and it was gone, so it wasn’t a factor in the fight at all.

Despite earlier reports, BJ Penn’s camp has filed no protest with the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  Greg Jackson continued…

We told our side of the story, we said didn’t mean to put any grease anywhere. If we were trying to grease the back we’d be greasing up and down, we would make it count. We wouldn’t do a little tiny spot in the back. The whole thing doesn’t make any sense, so they were fine with it once we gave our explanation. It wasn’t like we were taking gobs of Vasoline and slathering on his back. They didn’t understand the drill that the witch doctor was having us do, and so it looked that way. It didn’t effect the fight at all.

The whole greasing thing is pretty ridiculous. You can’t grease somebody up. You just couldn’t do it. They check your body before you get into the cage, there’s an inspector right there. In order for us to grease him up, it would be insane. There are cameras everywhere. We don’t cheat. We don’t need to cheat to win.

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Greg Jackson Addresses GSP Vaseline Allegations

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sounds pretty plausible to me...

 Greg Jackson is a very intelligent, seasoned and well spoken dude.    ; )


Chris - sounds pretty plausible to me...

lol at greg trying to cover his tracks. right jackson .. .right

Lets assume that it was a ritual... doesn't change the outcome.

They applied grease to GSPs back. That is illegal.

Had he also circled a dab around each nipple, this would be more believable

Chris - sounds pretty plausible to me...

Thats because its supposed to sound plausible. It doesn't take a lot of Vaseline to make it slippery. They did it in that manner so it looked innocuous and they could deny it if they got caught.

You're more likely to be sore when you're not using vaseline. FACT.

See, I knew there was a plausible explanation.

It was a witch doctor.

BzGrappla - lol at greg trying to cover his tracks. right jackson .. .right
PTM2020 -  Greg Jackson is a very intelligent, seasoned and well spoken dude.    ; )

For Inf0:


See... I knew it was Voodoo magic all along, not greasing.