Greg Jackson: 'GSP is always nervous, but...'

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                                Greg Jackson: 'GSP is always nervous, but...'

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The Breaking Process.

Fin his safety zone, thats a place when he is trouble he goes to. We can either avoid it, nullify it, or smash it.


Greg should have coughed out BJ Penn's name on this answer lol...

Nice vid, thanks for posting!


ttt 4 THIAGO Alves

GSP dominated alves


Great videos. Good insight into how GSP's training camps and his gameplans are structured.

great video. very insightful.

Damn poor Alves...a very solide fighter's GSP Time!!!! Brotha!!!

DoctorVanNostran - GSP dominated alves

How much for the time machine?


 illegal strikes are the only thing that screws up todays gsp


WhatIsMMA - 
gangsta101 - 
ranier wolfcastle -  illegal strikes are the only thing that screws up todays gsp

and punches to the chin

And video cameras in his corner.
And MEJ's mommy


 for laters

nice vid

LMFAO @ the interview's question 44sec in... "When it's time for the guys to score on George, how hard to they go? Do they go all out on him?"


GSP is always nervous, until he gets greased up. then he is good to go

Awesome vid thanks...