Greg Jackson: I ask guys to finish every fight

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                                Greg Jackson: I ask guys to finish every fight

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MMA trainer Greg Jackson isn't pleased with some of the recent comments coming from UFC president Dana White, and has launched a continuing defense of his team and his coaching.

"I get in there and I ask guys to finish every fight," Jackson told . "Because here's the problem with fighting safe: Fighting safe is an illusion."

"If you fight to not lose, you are giving a guy an opportunity to win for the entire 15 minutes. If you fight to finish a guy, and you finish him, you no longer give him an opportunity to win. So fighting not to lose makes no logical sense.

"You have to have risk on your side; you don't want to just jump in there like you're trying to knock a guy out. That's stupid because you will get knocked out. But fighting to win means that you win the fight."

"Here is my protocol so everyone is clear as to why I don't ask people to go to the mount," he said. "If I ask you to go to the mount, and you get reversed, or scrambles twice, I don't ask you to go to mount a third time because those two times you got scrambled out.

"For me, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I love the mount. I made the first half of my career by going to the mount with people like Diego Sanchez going to the mount and knocking people out."

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Greg is right.

 Thou doth protest too much, Greggy.

 'dont pass his guard georges' = finish him???


Kenny has 10 finishes lol

stop lying greg jackson

the greg jackson mentality is blaringly evident in the way that GSP coaches his guys on TUF..he does not coach all of them to finish...some he explicitly coaches them to stall and win on points

 Ahhhh so that's what he meant when he told Rashad he was doing what he wanted, when the fans were BOOOING the shit out of him between rounds.  That must be jackson talk for FINISH HIM!

superCalo - 
StoutGapedTheQueen - 
aaroncev - Kenny has 10 finishes lol
Yeah, and then he went to Jackson's and stand and prayed Roger Huerta, and tried to wall and stall Penn. Thank fuck Penn said fuck it and bingo'd him in the 4th...


Ken-Flo does go to finish fights, not his fault if his opponnents use tactics to prevent this, if they are confident enough in their abilities they would do the decent thing and give him those opportunities to make it a more entertaining fight for the fans, but you say this is Ken-Flos fault ? how about putting the blame where it deserves to go, on his opponents.

 the blame for 20 mins of wall and stall in the penn fight is 100pct on kenny.  awful gameplan and even worse execution.  4 rounds of failed takedowns, he looked like a retarded 155 version of randy in that fight

Greg is a fantastic trainer and right on with most of his coaching.

Are Clay Guida, Joe Stevenson, GSP, Rashad Evans and Kenny Florini all deaf then?

Why on earth would Joe Stevenson be included in a list of guys who don't try to finish? And the only fights Florian has not finished were Maynard and Huerta.

MickColins -  Thou doth protest too much, Greggy.


dont talk about it be about it. only way to get rid of the stigma. no one is going to change their opinion of you by you talking to every one with a mic, change our minds with results in the cage going forward. he should take the hate as constructive criticism like nate has. take it as a challenge and prove something to blaff.

????? Phone Post

goku - stop lying greg jackson

the greg jackson mentality is blaringly evident in the way that GSP coaches his guys on TUF..he does not coach all of them to finish...some he explicitly coaches them to stall and win on points

LOL at "blaringly" evident. Your grasp of the english language is incredible, and even surpasses your grasp on MMA. But that isn't saying anything.

I never hear Greg giving any technical advice in the corner. I hear him tell his fighter to "Calm down and breathe", but then he tells his assistants to give advice. I don't know, obviously he's successfull for a reason and runs a great camp full of talented fighters, but his cornering ability is something I've been curious about. Telling a great grappler like GSP not to mount a fighter like Dan Hardy is questionable if not consdered horrible advice.

 Jackson somehow taught Melvin to win decisions based on nothing but getting back up after being taken down.

Its almost fascinating in that you cant figure out the reason behind it, yet it was working for him.

When he speaks to GSP I can't remember him telling him anything that involves finishing the fight. He always speaks as if he's just trying to have him win the next round. You hear plenty of other corners giving clear advice that entails going for the finish, 99.9% of the time Greg doesn't. .

"I tell my guys to finish(...if the other guy puts both hands down and closes his eyes)"


Curious why any fighter would go to Jackson, when there are obviously so many better trainers giving their advice free on the Internet.