Greg Jackson's Gym is cool

I was in Albuquerque on a business trip last week and stopped into the Jackson/Winkeljohn Gym.

What a cool place. Everyone was super nice. I got pictures and watched Rashad, Marquardt, and Jardine train. Jackson was in California for the Strikeforce show so I didn't get to meet him but apparently Mike Van Arsdale teaches grappling there now. Been a fan of his for years so it was great to actually see him.

Tait Fletcher was training there. I was astounded at how tall he is. I am 6'3 and was wearing shoes and I think he was still taller than me.

What also struck me was how small Rashad really is, he didn't seem any bigger than Marquardt. Makes his wins over the heavyweights even that more impressive
in my mind.

Everyone was training hard and looked to be in great shape.

I have been a fan since UFC 2 and have never missed a PPV but I have never been to a live show or met any fighters, so this was a huge treat for me. The professional fighters were training with everyone it seemed. I wish I had brought some gym clothes so I could've gotten my ass kicked.

Really, the people and fighters could not have been nicer. The guy at the front desk, I think his name was Rick (and I apologize my friend if I got that wrong it was a long damn week) chatted with me about upcoming fights and some new fighters and just all around could not have been nicer or more accomodating.

Great experience for a big fan and I hope to visit again sometime.


If I can figure out how to do it I will. Took them with my phone so I think that should make it easier.


thats awesome

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go there to take it. I'm not sure what their policy is concerning training but there were at least 40-50 people there, just regular men and women training shoulder to shoulder with the pros.

I felt like the complete tourist rube that I was, standing there in casual work clothes taking pictures and generally looking like a goof, but everyone was really cool.

So you just walked into the gym and asked,"can I hang out and take pics?"? How does that work? I think that's great, can't wait for the pics.

Might take awhile on the pics, I am at work and haven't sent them to e-mail account yet.

Well, I was working with some New Mexico State troopers that trained there, I mentioned what a fan I was and one of them just picked up the phone and called and told them that I was from out of state and wanted to come over. I don't know who he was talking to but apparently there was no problem and I went by myself later that evening.

Walked in, talked with the guy at the front desk (great guy) and asked if it was ok and he showed me around. Just unbelievably cool. For a fan like me, a 38 year old guy who has been watching from virtually the inception, never been able to go to a live event, far and away my favorite sport, it was just a fantastic experience. Would have been better if I had actually gone to train but it was on a whim.

Now, I don't know what their formal policy is so its probably wise to call ahead. I went when they were holding classes and just tried to stay out of the way.




Sadly no Diego or GSP. I was suprised to see Tait there.

up for a great experience and for Greg Jackson!


By small I meant short. He looked to be about 5'10, shorter than Marquardt. I have no clue how much he was weighing. He was training his ass off is all I know.

I just thought about him fighting 6'7 250lbs Brad Imes and was really impressed.

I told him I was pulling for him and I thought alot of fans were as well.

I think that his hands and speed are going to give Tito fits and are going to win him the fight.

I stopped by there two weeks ago on my way to cali and had a great class. I was a little overwhelmed though. I walked in and GSP was in the middle of a private. He's pretty good.

I have been planning on going out there sometime. I would like to go in Sept. Anyone know who I should contact? Thanks for the help.

I think you just call, I know they are listed.