Greg Jackson's story

I'm sure this has been discussed before, but never caught a thread about it was just wondering what this guy's background and story is. A lot of people seem to be pretty split on him.

I'm curious how and why we was able to develop such a successful camp - easily one of the most successful, if not the most successful.

Did he used to compete and/or did he have any connections to build up his gym other than with Winklejohn?

On the one hand he has produced some outstanding fighters and champions. One the other hand, his camp has also produced a fair amount of controversy and a number of caught cheaters, although it's probably no more or less than the average camp these days. Also, whenever he knows the camera is on him when speaking to his fighters (especially between rounds), he seems kind of weird and likes knowing that his voice is being heard. But maybe that is how he normally acts, I don't know.

Just curious what peoples' thoughts of him and his history are.

He was born in the degoba system. Came to earth to start an mma camp, that brings us to the present day. Phone Post 3.0

I remember someone saying his background was Gaidojitsu or something like that and I'm guessing it was a hybrid/mixed martial art of sorts. I would be interested to know more about where he learned his overall knowledge.

Was not a fan of his until I read this article

This is just awesome.

"Jackson—and this is the first time in four days that I hear him say anything angry—looks straight at him and tells him never to be embarrassed. In the Roman arena, he says, fighters weren't judged by what they did, but how they did it; their purpose wasn't to win, but to teach the public to die with honor. There may be crowds of thousands of people who can't tell a professional from an amateur and have no idea what it's like to be afraid and do something anyway; there may be people in the game who are so broken from watching men and women fight week after week that they lose all ability to appreciate what they're seeing, or to care about what it means, and there may be people who don't see a fighter as anything more than a blank, a representative of some desire or an avatar of some idea or just a whirling gear in an engine of hypercapitalism. Fuck them, he says. There always will be people who don't understand."