Gregory Bayne: The Journey of “Lil’ Evil”

Now that Gregory Bayne has gotten to know Jens Pulver quite well, he can see why fans of “Lil’ Evil” are some of the most passionate and loyal in all of mixed martial arts.

“He’s Jens and he’s genuine,” said Bayne to Hector Castro and Pete Sumulong on the Ground N Pound on the MMA Diehards Radio Network. “Sometimes with celebrities or athletic stars you always wonder if it’s a little bit of a show with their persona, but there’s none of that with Jens. It’s great, and it’s obviously what makes people love him.”

During his career as one of the pioneers of MMA, Pulver has been known as a man that will put it all on the line every time he enters the cage. But there’s more to Pulver than just being an entertaining fighter, and that is what he and Bayne are hoping to show audiences in the coming year.

Bayne produced and directed the recently released documentary Jens Pulver – DRIVEN: The Story of a Man Who Fought to Change His Name. It chronicles the story of Pulver from his hellish upbringing in Washington State to his days as the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s first lightweight champion to his recent run in World Extreme Cagefighting. The intimate feature documentary is real and dramatic, and showcases the highs and lows of Pulver’s life in brilliant fashion. Pulver’s story is unique, and Bayne is able to show viewers why.



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