Griefing Baby DKs for fun and profit!

I dinged 78 on my Druid last night and briefly headed back to Zangar to get another helm enchant.

While I was there I thought 'hey, you know what would be fun?' and spent half an hour pillaging the Horde base in Hellfire. I chain-killed the Flightmaster, the Innkeeper and most of the NPCs and probably killed 50+ baby DKs and a couple of retards who brought their 75s along to counter-gank.

The best part is that you can insta-Flightform in combat by abusing the new (broken) Shadowmeld, so I repeatedly escaped while being beaten on by dozens of angry Hordies.

Good times.

War PVP looks like a bunch of badly animated sloths slowly beating away at eachother. Underwater.

It's broken BECAUSE you can use it as a second Vanish.

I can use Flightform in combat now, lol!

Vanish-Charge works great for Warriors too.

Shadowmeld Priests brings up the spectre of OOC raid rezzes.

haxx man lol