Griffin hints retirement is near

Griffin hints retirement is near

/go=news.detail&gid=409448 [] Everybody is talking about his future, what's yours? How much longer you plan on doing this?

Griffin: I don't know. It's not going to be a long time. I don't foresee the huge comeback. I worked out with that (Alexander) Gustafsson kid. Young guys, man. I'm old now. I like what Rich Franklin has done, there's still a lot of guys I can beat -- but I don't know how many of those guys are in the Top 10. I'm still, I'd say, one of the Top 25 guys in the world at 205 pounds; problem is I keep fighting the top 5-to-10 guys in the world. Does it matter to you how you go out? Does it matter if you go out, losing five of your last six or whatever?

Griffin: Yeah. You've tarnished yourself. You should have quit while you were breaking even, which is kind of where I'm at now. Thing about Tito's losses, if I'm fighting that level of guys, I don't know if I'm losing six in a row but I might go 2-4. If you're fighting great guys, you're fighting great guys. It depends on the opponent.

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 Still has a couple more left...

I like forrest. At least he's got a realistic viewpoint on his career. Phone Post

I hate it when fighters talk like this, it makes me have absolutely no interest in seeing them fight. Just retire if you feel you can't cut it with the top guys anymore.

Goldberg has sucked the meaning out of 'going to war' but Forrest has been in some fucking wars.. I

f he is realistic enough to know he's not going to win the belt back then is it worth it to keep fighting with his kamikaze style?

Or did Anderson steal his soul? Either way, Respect.

I think the loss to Anderson Silva probably made him realise that the future of the sport is beyond him, which is sad because I like to watch him fight.

But looking at where he is now, with the amount of fights he has and his age - will he ever be able to compete with the likes of Silva or Jones?

If he does retire I hope he has enough money to chillout and relax and never have to work another day.

Can't see how he does. 33 years old, has had 14 fights inside the UFC. He's made some good money, but to never work again? That's likely 40+ years.

Too bad, he doesn't seem like he'd be much of a coach. His books are good though.

the fight with silva = complete loss of spirit.

looked terrible, like he didn't want to be in there at all anyway, and that knockdown was so awkward and looked like a sham. looked like a work (not that it was - just looked so fake). i had a hard time believing Forest was really hurt by that tiny jab. i felt like he was just getting frustrated and psyched himself out and that's why he just ate the floor and ran out of there like a girl from tyson's hotel room.

not what i expected from that fight at all. i figured it would be like friday the 13th - silva would pound and pound and pound and forest would just keep coming. maybe my expectations were a little off base?

having said all that, forrest is the man and he should have a solid career in the after fight life, everyone loves him and he's funny as hell. much respect.

He certainly doesn't take a shot as well as he used to, but I think a lot of it is his WILLINGNESS to.

I'll always enjoy watching and listening to Forrest because he is truly human. He's not some hyped-up wrecking machine, not a technical wizard, not a supernatural athlete, just a man who took some natural gifts and through hard work, dedication, and some luck(that he made), became the champion of the world.

Stories like Forrest won't happen in the future of MMA, a future full of kids training every discipline from 4, elite, freak-of-nature athletes like GSP and Jones being common, etc.

It's weird. I think Forrest is a smart person, but he almost never fights smart. I know people age differently, but it's hard to make a case that he's too old for this shit given how many other combat athletes reach their peak at his age and beyond.

I mean, look at the second Shogun fight. I'm not saying he should have fought a boring fight, but shit, I would have expected someone with his experience to at least wait a bit before opening up so recklessly against someone like Shogun. He could've done much, much better.

I really think him and tito are both going to retire after this fight, especialy if its a war. Phone Post

He really doesn't seem to enjoy it at all anymore... Obviously it's a hard way to make a living but when you see guys like Wanderlei they still manage to have fun with it. I am a fan of Forrest but he seems to leave a lot in the gym, like he kills himself preparing for the fight and is flat and sick of it all by the time he gets in the cage. I hope he can turn it around somehow, he still has the potential to do well at the top level. Phone Post

I think a really popular guy should, for business purposes, be fed some cans on the way out. the public won't care.

 Umm... the sooner the better fighters like Forrest and Tito retire...... just sayin

Datguy - I hate it when fighters talk like this, it makes me have absolutely no interest in seeing them fight. Just retire if you feel you can't cut it with the top guys anymore.


 I remember he used to joke and was always smiling. Now he just sulks, bitches and complains about fucking everything,

He also is the title holder of some of the most embarassing moments in the UFC and one of the greatest fights put on,It might be time to hang it up, imo, the chances of him holding another title is  0.00

meet forrest a number of years ago in vegas kinda at the peak of his fame so to speak. incredibly humble and invited me to just hang out.

i wish him the absolute best he can get.....