what the hell is up with that, tyson griffin is on ppv on a main card and frank edgar is on a prelim card on a differant event, nothing like pushing the guy they want to push, oh wait a minute griffin is randy coutures guy, that explains it. total bullshit. joe silva should be canned, what a puppet

Griffin is on the main card because the card he is on sucks. Who would you bump off the 73 main card to put Edgar's fight on? Anyway, we've been seeing 7-8 fights lately so I think his will make the cut.

its not like edgar beat griffin or nutin right, why shouldnt he be a prelim

ufc does what they want i guess,hey dana do you care at all what people think anymore?

because griffin vs Guida has the pottential to be better then Griffin vs why not show off some top LW's on the main card..who is edgar
fighting on 73?

edgar wins and gets fight of the night and gets put on a prelim, why dont they promote the guy that won the fight? because the wrong guy won, randy's guy was supposed to win and now they are giving him another chance. what bullshit!

mark bocek gonna be real sick

well considering they are on seperate cards it like comparring apples to
oranges..if they were on the same card then you would have a valid point

Frankie Edgar will be on future Main cards after he beats Bocek.

Lots of other great fighters coming out of Rhino (Ligouri, Rodriguez, Moreno, Roddy...) just a matter of time before you see them in the UFC.

Bullshit! Edgard vs Bocek made this event a "must watch" for me and now I won't even get a chance to see it.

Problem is with two title fights potentially going five rounds each, we may
not get to see any prelims.

Besides, remember the last fight, when Frankie and Tyson fought in a
prelim and most of the crowd hadn't even arrived? The place was empty
for the fight of the year. It didn't look great.

maybe an email campaign to Silva would work.