griffin vs edgar

i cant find this fight anywhere, can one of you help me out


fight of the year..IMO

^^^^thats why i wanna watch it again

try for some reason Zuffa doesn't take down the ufc fights on there. And just to play devil's advocate Griffin/Edgar and Gomi/Diaz are great nominees for FOTY, but am I the only one that thinks that Karo/Burkman deserves some attention?

"fight of the year..IMO"

Yep. Should've been scored a draw, but still FOTY thus far.

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Date: 06/09/07 09:28 AM
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1 post?

And this is thread that you decided to break your silence?

I didn't see it on daily motion.

The DvD of the event will probably be out fairly soon.

its not on dailymotion, damn i wanna watch that fight again

"^^^^thats why i wanna watch it again"

You are pointing 4 posts up with the 4th post on the thread... You want to watch it because of the advertisement at the top of the page?

Diaz vs Gomi is in 1st. Griffen and Edgar are 2nd.