Griffin will Win I'm 100% Sure

Because he has the XYIENCE on his side. That Pump Will get him through whatever TITO has to offer and them some.

You heard it here.

How will a XYIENCE sponsered fighter lose if there products are soo amazing?

Forest will go past the edge this Saturday.

Only if they fight out in the Nevada desert and each has to carry a heavy bag during the bout.

NEVAR LOSE!!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!one!!!!!

if it goes to a decision he might have a chance


You don't have one hair on your ass if you don't bet a pro membership on Forrest.

its waxed thank you verymuch.

*chirp chirp chirp*

I don't see Tito winning except by dec.

I don't see Forrest being able to win a dec... either
legitimately or 'fixed'.. a close fight going to Tito
(assuming it's not a 3 round mauling) makes more $$
sense for ken vs tito and then maybe chuck while
Forrest losing a dec to Tito won't hurt his popularity
and they can feed him some more mid-level guys and
rematch Bonner for $$

If it does go the distance it will be a Tito Ortiz Team Punishment-style leg-hump for 3 rounds.

forrest fights with a rare fury

Tito will hump his leg. Like a dog.

TOLD YOU FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1