Grip failing on dead lift

Grip is failing on my deads. Legs have planty left in them. Any tech suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Use straps like EricM has suggested or:

Use one of those hand crunch things or just tough it out.  Your grip will get better the more you use it.  But if you use the straps your grip won't improve much or if it does very slowly.  Some people then depend on straps too much and can't lift much without them...


Cheers guys. I would like to avoid straps.

I was hoping there were some tech tips, but if it comes down to grip strength, so be it.

Cant believe these guys doing 500lb, I am loosing grip at 320, so I have a bit of work to do :(

Thanks again.

I'm like you. I start losing my grip at 315lbs, even though there's plenty in the tank.

Although I haven't had a chance to really train it, my instructor recommended pinch-gripping weight-plates. Start with 10lbs plates, then up to the 25lbs.

HK makes a great point about straps, and how people just become dependent on them. I like JasonL's advice a lot.

Are you using the cross grip or double over hand? Over hand I can pull up 365 but with the cross grip I have pulled 650 from knee height.

I start losing my grip around 315 too, but mine's more from the skin actually tearing, not as much because my grip isn't strong enough. I guess I should wear gloves?

Pinch-gripping may help a little, but you need to improve your crushing-grip for the deadlift. I've used a thick-handled bar for a long time now, and any time I am in a gym using the standard 1-1/16" bar, I have no problems with grip.

Straps will only become a crutch, and although you'll be able to handle more weight, I'm not sure you should be lifting more weight than your grip will support. That's my opinion.

Working with kettlebells helped my grip on my deadlift - I presume it was the thick handles.

Farmer's walks are useful.

I quit deadlifting for a year when my grip was blowing out at 250. 8 months after starting up again I was repping 365 5-7x. The intervening period was mainly k-bell work.

Recently I started deadlifting with a hook grip both 'cos I'm oly lifting, and 'cos of concerns I've heard raised about shearing forces across the spine with the alternate grip. Last weekend I pulled 405 for a triple without a problem, then shifted to straps for my singles. I'd recommend giving the hook grip a try.


I was going to suggest hook grip a try also. 

BUT your thumb does actually feel like it is GOING TO RIP off and WILL be sore for a few days.  THAT is a given if you are not use to HOOK GRIP.

Ever rock climb?  Well that will test your grip to no end.  Great for grip work out with the small grips and the minutes it can take for a bigger climb and with your grip constantly in use you get great at it.


Story of my life with the exact same weight. Some people have said my grip is strong, only shortcoming was that I have small hands.

Keoni, same here. I have a great grip with the gi etc, but have stumpy little fat hands.

Thanks for all the info guys. Much appreciated.

Farmers walks here I come :)

I guess I should wear gloves? I wouldn't. It's not legal in competition. It's much more difficult to grip the bar. And gloves are horribly expensive and will need to be replaced frequently. ....But it's your foot if you drop the weight. I'd recommend that you use chalk (get it from a gymnastic store/outdoor store/mountain climbing store) you should pay about $10 for several "bricks" Each "brick" will last about 6 months. Then spend $1 on a tupperware container to keep your chalk in. Then spend $2 on a flexible emery board. After you wash the chalk off your hands, file your hands to keep calluses from ripping off.