Grip Fighting

Okay, I'll phone my order on Monday. However, you should get that web page fixed. I'm fairly certain it's not a secure page. On a secure ordering page the Web browser pops up a window that says "You are about enter a secure... Continue?" (see Bolo's ordering pages for an example).

Although you haven't had problems with people ordering through it, their passwords aren't being encrypted and a hacker sniffing packets can steal their credit card numbers.

You'd be surprised at how many hackers are sniffing packets all day long.

Try Kogas videos they are the best from grips to newaza

Actually Udo's tape is the best from fighting films to
teach grips that lead to powerful ne-waza.

Hmm, I think I'll have to dust off the credit card then.

Does it really take 3-4 weeks for shipping? I'm used to Bolo's 2-3 days.

Also, is it okay to just buy the Quantum Gripping tape, or are there important theoretical elements in the other two tapes that need to be combined with the gripping tape?

Scott, FYI, I was going to order the set, but when I got to the screen for my CC#, I noticed that it wasn't a secure page (https://...). I know the page said it would transfer the information securely, but that can't be if it's not https.

As a beginner in judo, I have found very little information on effective grip fighting. In my opinion, pictures of different grips in a book is not teaching grip fighting. Part of grip fighting is also knowing how to set your opponent up for a particular throw and what throws can be done from various grips. In addition, you need to know how to change the way you do a throw when you use different grips.

Someone needs to put out a grip drill, similar to the Lop Sao drills in Wing Chun.

if you are left handed why would you want to change your grip?
most people find it is the hardest grip to over come
high neck grip with your left hand sleeve rip with your right. perfect for uchi mata tai otoshi !!!
i thought thats all left handers did
for good examples of this look at alot of the japenese or korean teams
or danny kingston from Great Britain
for an unauthodox view look at donahue from GB

Dear Scott Sonnon,

Which exact tape is the tape on grip fighting? i.e. which volume. Do you ship to the uk?



Grips by Neil Adams (all about grips!)

Russian Judo by Alexander Iatskevich

available at ippon books, hatashita, toraki, etc.

What are the bets ressources for Grip Fighting, or learning new Grips ? Like Books or Videos ? I mostly use the traditional grip (i'm left handed while doing judo, but right ended while doing anything else, don't ask me why, i don't know), and i want to learn new grips.

Scott Sonnon's works are highly recommended by many. Just check out his reviews in the product section!! he also has the credentials to back it up too.

Other books are Ippon book's Grips, by Neil Adams, britain's greatest Judoka, and Russian Judo(which i haven't seen should have something on grips). also, Kerr and Seisenbacher's (sp?)book Modern Judo has a section on grips.

By the way, is anyone willing to share good tactics to get their grips on an opponent?