Grip Strength Pictures

I recently had a short picture article with some grip training
photos published at along with my
older columns.

Check out how an old man tries to stay young!

Happy Holidays!



awesome pics!! great motivation, i'm really getting into grip training these days!

LEE IS THE MAN! He's been a major influence in my own training and teaching style. Here are the pics from his article:Man, Lee A. is a freakin stud! SCRAP


We need more pics and vids from members of the S&C, and this has been happening lately. I'm pumped.

Awesome stuff Lee.

I am now motivated to take pics of my new sandbag!



damn Lee, you're a scary dude.

Hi Lee,

How is the new weight helmet coming along? Do you have a release date yet?

Can anyone see the farmer's walk picture? I get a red "x" for
that one.

Bob, I may give the design to PDA to continue. I've been
REALLY busy with my SD business, in the final interview to
be certified as a Specialized High Risk Instructor and
Professional Lecturer for the Dept. of Public Safety. I'll try to
post when it's in gear.



Looks good man!

I wonder how it would compare to my actual pinch's and grips when I rock climb.

I'm fairly sure I have a dam pretty good grip from rock climbing a lot! Wonder what I'd score on those grip tests.

Looks good.



I lead 5.10 and follow 5.11 at a weight over 215#. I'm not
sure the strengths equate very well. Once you get strong
enough to manage your bodyweight in climbing, the extra
strength for these exercises is not developed directly.

The farmer's walk, if anybody can see it, is with 150# per
hand. My face is so red from the exertion after 25 yds., I was
thinking that I'd get all sorts of hilarious comments...



I don't see the farmers walk pic :(

I'm not so 'technical' about the climb ratings, but they are more refered to A-E climbs and numbers in England.

I'd agree with what your saying. The harder climbs are more about pinching small nook and grannies with finger and finger tips. You don't often get grips with a whole palm type of big hook grip type of thing. That makes the climb so much easier.

I went climbing today. Was AMAZING. 4th time in about 12 months due to Uni. Had been every week for an 8month period! Got really good and improved a lot.

Can't wait to go climb again even though it will be a while :(

My weight is about 175lb when I climb. Much harder for you in that respect. I have a stunt guy/gymnast friend who can do an E2. This equates to a lead climb of about 100ft with only one anchor point! Either skilled or crazy or both! He can do 45 chins and is a MACHINE upperbody wise.


Lee A, do you post on the gripboard at yes what do you post under(name)?

red x also. do you think you will get any arthritis in your hands? i currently have a bit and it is hard to train my grip.:(

Try that one Lee- you linked the first pic as ftp:// not http://

er, Scrappers fault I guess, haha

I'm gonna do more bouldering this year. Outside of rock gyms I only climbed twice last year because of the pain in the ass it is to get everything organized and all the equipment.

Fixed it!

Damn, Lee. You are a stud! Very motivating.

1. I don't post at cyberpump/grippage.

2. The exercises are as follows: farmer's walk 150# per
hand for 25 yds. (hard), Gripanator 25# with 4.3:1 ratio =
107.5# (slightly more than Ironmind COC Trainer, a
warmup), Titan Telegraph Key 25# (extremely hard), and
block weight 30# = half of a 60# dumbbell (moderate)

The whole point is, as an old guy (47), you young bucks
should be able to surpass this stuff far before you get this old.
Just take the info you've got here from Scrapper, Wiggy, Taku
and gang and WORK HARD.

I've been gripping things for a long time now. It takes a while
to develop your forearms and grip to where I've gotten, and I
don't consider myself a monster or anything.

NEW YEAR'S CHALLENGE TO ALL: Post your best farmer's
walk results for 25 yds. I'll load up the bells and see how
high I can go, and you young studs get out there and show
your stuff! I'll post my results when I get time.

Merry Christmas, everyone!



very impressive