Grip Strength tool

I do Judo, BJJ, and Wrestling so I enjoy the intense S&C that is inflicted on us by our Wrestling coach. Gripping is also very important in Judo and BJJ with the gi, so part of my usual bodyweight routine (dips and pull-ups) is pull-up using the gi.

A while back, I saw a website for an INSANE gripping tool that actually publishes the names of people who have done a clean grip of this tool, then the elites who have done more than one, etc.

Can somebody please refresh my memory on the name of this grip strength exercise tool? Better yet, the website.


Are you talking about Captains of Crush Grippers?

They publish the successful closers of the #3 and #4 grippers. Good luck. They require 280 and 365 pounds of force to fully close, respectively.

They also sell tamer versions for mortals.

Thanks Polishfighter! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out.

"No. 1272 No. 4 @ 365 lb. Each $19.95" This is INSANE! I should probably start with the 60, maybe 80 ... the generic ones from Big 5 Sporting are underwhelming.

If you have a reasonably strong grip start with the trainer (100), or even the #1. You may not be able to close the #1 right off the bat, but you can still get a good workout by doing partial reps.

Also consider the Ivanko Super Gripper, also available through ironmind. It doesn't have the same machismo attached to it, but it offers variable resistance.


Captains of crush grippers are good but most of the guys who do a lot of grip work suggest that they are not grappling specific.

They are still lots of fun and vary addictive but if your goal os better grappling grip then check out

Whoa! Nice training document and the tools are readily available on that PDF document. Thanks Don Stevenson!

Gary238, I found the Ivanko Super Gripper at Doesn't look like Ironmind still carries it. I will probably order the #1 and just do the partial reps as you recommended. It'll be useful for long trips or while watching TV.

Again, thanks gents!

Captains of Crush are great, I've had mine about 7 years. It's the #2 and it's still tough as hell to close.

I've closed the number 2 twice in a row with my right hand and once with my left. I have not been able to close it once since.

That's a cool PDF, thanks.