Griz beat Kings

Yeah thats right!....Griz win 105-100 over the kings..
Now they have beat the Lakers, Spurs,kings, mavericks, nets, ......Whos next?

They also just got their ass handed to them by the Spurs.

the grizz are good

I like the Grizzlies, and mentioned on another thread yesterday that I was worried about this game.

Don't make threads addressing me about a Kings loss unless I was dogging the team before hand or unless your team is a bitter rival of mine. :) Because when it's all said and done at the end of the year I will have far more shit that I'll be able to talk about your team than you will about mine. :)

Oh, and no Webber. :)

Im just enjoying the moment


But it was a friendly and respectful smackdown. :)

it better be because, all i know is who won.

blah blah blah :)