Grizz vs Mavs!!!

So the Grizz are going into Dallas tonight, what will happen with the standings depending on who wins this game??

If Dallas wins they earn the 5th spot.I think its the same for the grizz, but the local paper wasn't quite clear on the Grizz situation.

Good news is that Gasol and Wells are expected to return tonight.


"#5 seed will play either Los Angeles Lakers or Sacramento Kings in first round."

lol, whatever drunkass ;)

no way dallas will tank this game to avoid the lakers, bring 'em on! even if we go down it'll be glorious, guns blazin muh'fucka!

blazing 4 game exit. ;)

Rod, Im glad you come to the realization that the Mavs wont win the Championship.

The Grizz are very FLAT ....

Oh well, that was a GREAT charge they made at the end there.

Well there goes the 5th spot...grizz loose 110-103
One of the worst games all season ive seen the griz play and luckily they werent playing one of the top teams in the west or it could have been real ugly.

Bring on the Spurs!

ugly enough. griz got beat by a rookie

"ugly enough. griz got beat by a rookie"



Daniels manhandled the Griz.

He's a badass though, and Hubie Brown is correct.

"In the summer league in Los Angeles, Daniels showed you exactly what he is doing right now," Brown said. "If you really think about it, it took them three-quarters of the season to let him do that."

Hubie is correct, Nellie is a fucking dumbfaggot whore. ;)

the mavs will tire the lakers

It's called paying your dues. When Nash got hurt, in came Daniels. He played well, and now the Mavs are back to the small ball line up.

oh, and lol at hubie. if it wern't for the mavs. he wouldn't even be playing this season.

oh, and im sure hubie hamloaf has something to say about the kings staring Webber over Miller.

So?? Whatever he has to say about that would probably be as correct as his Daniels comment!!! lol

Nellie is the dumbest motherfucker alive.