Grizzlies break franchise record

The Memphis Grizzlies needed only 50 games this season to set a franchise record for wins...

It amazing what coach Hubie Brown has done for this team and he should be a lock for coach of the year if the grizzlies make the playoff's.

i agree! imo hubie brown as taken over jerry sloan for coach of the year

Kickass, and they also won an incredible down to the wire game against the Wolves in Minnesota on Sunday. A very talented team with a great coach.

jerry west has a hand in their improvement as well.

I agree..West has made some great personnel decisions, like the hiring of Brown..But what else would expect from Mister basketball.

Can't believe I forgot about him for a minute. lol

Again I am still alarmed by some of the moves, and how well they paid off. Like James Posey. I was like what the hell is West doing? What a waste of money. Sure he was the best player on a horrible Nuggets team, that did NOTHING when traded to Houston. Then picking up a simple back up like Earl Watson. He is such a difference maker when he plays.

They will be in a new arena next year. Can't wait to make it to a few games. Very young team with a bright future. Also I will add that they are trying hard to obtain Erick Dampier. What do you think about that? He is a true center. Something this team lacks...he plays good defense and rebounds well. I dunno what the Grizzlies would have to get up to get him, but supposedly they are trying hard.

Zoso I havent heard anything about the Grizzlies persuing Dampier...Where did u hear this rumor?