Grizzly Bear vs Silverback Gorilla

Who wins and why?


Heavier, every bit as strong and aggressive as hell

If the gorilla was raised in captivity in Brazil and learned bjj it would win by rnc R3. GJJ bitches.

If the gorilla has access to a club then I'll go Silverback. In a cage the Grizz takes it easily.

lol Griz are crazy strong too. The gorilla would be shredded before it got the chance to use any strength.

If you add sharp claws, large teeth and more muscle to a gorilla then you have a grizzly.

I'm sure they're comparable is size and strength, both have teeth as weapons, but the grizzly has claws as added weapons that would give them a huge advantage.

I'll take the grizzly.

They are not comparable in size in strength. An adult male gorilla, a large one, will be 300-350 pounds.

A good size grizzly will be 600, and 800-900 pounds are not out of the question.

Grizzly bone and muscle tissue are also extremely dense. Thats why low caliber firearms just piss them off, as it doesn't even penetrate very far into their muscle, let alone their bones.

A gorilla would get torn to shreds by a large bear.

In a fight, I would take claws and teeth over opposable thumbs.


griz designed to kill.

lol The silverback would get freaking owned big time.

The real question is could a silverback riding a griz be able to take on natures most efficient fighting machine the game pit.

giant squid, easily

In Rome, the bear was the king of the collosseum.

LOL @ anyone picking the gorrilla.

I agree with the people saying that the bear is bigger, stronger, more
resistant to injury, etc. and I would pick the bear. But it seems to me that
a gorilla would be faster, and it would definitely be smarter which could
be a factor. I wouldn't count the gorilla out totally.

how many times has the smarter fighter won in the UFC?

But how exactly is the Gorrilla going to win?

I don't know, inventing a poison cake or something.