Grocery store cashier called me mam over and over

I was at the grocery store (pavilions) buying beer And when I went to check out the cashier kept calling me "mam" such as "you find everything alright mam?" "Have a preferred card mam?" Debit or credit mam?" And two teenage courtesy clerks were there giggling. I'm usually passive and avoid confrontations but I was getting butthurt and adrenaline was kicking in. I knew I had to respond quick and as i was walking away I said how much do you guys make working here? If you started sucking dick you'd make more money and never work another day in your life since you're doing something you love". Needless to say I didn't hear "have a good night mam"

My cool story bro's Phone Post 3.0

Do you love sucking dick, ma'am? Phone Post 3.0

No man titties or feminine qualities. He was prob being a cunt to look cool to the younger fagger baggerd Phone Post 3.0

paper or plastic, you've just been bagged!! Phone Post

mam is the proper way to speak to gashes when you're working, its the same as caling a man sir, you sure they werent laughing at something other then you? 

The ma'am op wish he/she/it actually said something. Instead, he/she/it is crying in its beer. Phone Post 3.0

ma'am, motherfucker. ma'am.