groin flexibility?

Hello all,

How do you guys go aboit to increase your flexibility in yoru groin muscles?

I try to do that butterfly strectch but to no avail.

Is there one you can do with no partner?


The front and side splits are good to augment groin flexibility in the adductors and abductors (groin if you prefer.) Just use a good deal of control with these stretches. Hold each one for approx. 30 seconds - 2 to 3 times each, with a small 30 to 45 second break.

Atrocity is correct. Resisting and relaxing in a side split is something you should consider as well.

Also kicking your leg to the side with your foot pointed forward helps too. Do all these plus the butterfly that you are currently doing and you'll get flexible pretty quick.


Thank you guys!

Davies hurdle hip mobility drills, Pipeline stretch, butterflys, front squats all good.

thank you
coach Hale

Get your body warmed up: (jumps, few runs, skip rope etc)

Then hold yourself up to a wall. Now swing one leg forwards and backwards SLOWLY and build up speed as you get more mobile and KICK HARDER and HARDER forwards and backwards then you get better. Be strict and keep your hips and body as straight as possible. Try not to let your leg get bent. Keep them straight. Very good dynamic stretch imo.

Do the static stuf also after you do the Dynamic stuff.

I hold for 15secs or so but I'm a stretchy mofo. Stretch, relax and just move your legs about a bit. Go on to your back and *cycle* your legs. Or do a few jumps or squats. Repeat. Just keep pushing.

I have found it is more mind over matter.


Last year for Christmas my wife bought me one of those fancy schmancy stretching machines from Black Belt magazine. It's helped me a lot. I just park my ass on it in front of the TV for about 30 minutes a night.

Thanks for the links coach hale.

Try some Yoga! I have been doing it for about a month and a half now and have gotten great results. I can do things that I never could befor. I also noticed that if you stretch in the morning and at night it helps.

Some good things above. . .

Doug gave what in my experience is the
paramount reason you might be having trouble:
TENSION. Try some isometric stretches for that
area. Best thing I've found.

I think it was Thomas Kurz that showed that the
structure of the hips "allows" for side splits (and it's
lesser cousin the butterfly), as there isn't much of
anything "stopping" the position, except muscular
tension, tightened ligaments, and poor femur
positioning in the joint socket (these last two can
be overcome by rotating the thighs outward, and/or
tilting the pelvis forward).

If you use the "correct" positioning in the
movement, and learn to relax (especially through
isometric stretching) you shouldn't have any
trouble attaining your goal (outside of an injury, or


Breeze05 I'm a great believer in what you said is wrong.

You can DEFIANTELY improve it to a dam good degree. But you will 'probably' not hit box splits flush though, if you could not do it before puberty and keep it up.

Flexibility is a MIND OVER MATTER type of thing. Warm up, do dynamic stretch's then do some static ones. Just take your time and go in to the stretch's and relax. Kick your legs or cycle on your back for a bit then repeat. After a good 3 month period you should see some 'decent' results in the stiffest person.

You just have to put the time in to it, and push yourself.

Genetics is a cop out way. Sure your not going to be a contortionist, and have your back bend over your head, so that you have your feet pick things up off the floor when you lie down. But you can definatley improve it.

Age is a factor. If you are in your 60's it is hard to improve but if your sub 35 you are still good to go.


(had many lifters at the club that would literally FALL OVER when trying to sit in a deep squat. But after 3 months or so they could ALL do it easily. Really worrying that they could not sit in a squat, but they can all do it now)

Thanks guys!

my hips are tight as hell...the rotation both ways.