Gronkowski back this Sunday

It's about God damn time Phone Post

For sure? I should probably start him.... Phone Post

Dude used to live around the corner from me Phone Post 3.0

I hope he does well just because I've partied at his house before Phone Post 3.0

Due to the fact that he was medically cleared over two weeks ago, I'm post sure he's close to 100%. Phone Post

I just read at "Gronks hope lessens"

Browne made me a reemtard - 

Why can't you see him staying healthy? He played every game of his first few years before this freak injury. Phone Post

In the last 6 seasons, he has missed the entire season once and part of the season 3 other times. And now he is playing with parts that may not be as strong as they used to be, and will be the focal point of both the offense and the opposing team's defense. It isn't much of a stretch to think there is a good chance of re-injury.

I give him about a 40-60 probability of staying healthy the rest of the season.

frostyturd - Due to the fact that he was medically cleared over two weeks ago, I'm post sure he's close to 100%. Phone Post

He's still not medically cleared Phone Post


LMAO @ Welker thinking "WTF is this guy doing???"

I'm calling bullshit on this thread. I don't see anything indicating he is back this Sunday with certainty, in fact everything I see indicates the news is getting less positive than it was a couple days ago. I sure hope you are right, but how about a source?

Upon firther review, absolutely this thread is bullshit. Not saying the OP intended to pass along bullshit, but his information is bogus none the less.

Lotsa ?s about his arm... Phone Post 3.0

Browne made me a reemtard - 


Rumors earlier this week were nearly unanimous in favor of his return. There was never anything concrete. Once James Andrews showed up, they started singing a different tune. Phone Post

Oops, my bad. Originally when I looked at the op I read 2 hours instead of 2 days. Had I not been such a dumb fuck I never would have posted, as I was well aware of how the situation changed over that period. I NEED GRONK and it is killing me, hence this thread title teased me and I entered with blind hope. 

No bullshit being spread here, just a turn of events. Sorry 'bout that!

As I was reading this thread a bleacher report alert popped up saying patriots do not expect him back even tho he's practiced all week.

Also there's no chance he stays healthy. He's had 5 surgeries since he last played, basically falling apart. Phone Post

Sorry to get anyone's hopes up. Reports were pretty solid earlier this week. Latest I've read is that it will be a game time decision.

I need him back also! Phone Post

Going to be a helluva game! Phone Post