ground fighting

Tony what do you consider to be the bare bones ground essentials in both techniques and strategy ? How much of my time should I spend on ground work compared to stand up ?


Bit of a difficult question to answer. I'm assuming you are referring to groundfight as in on the street.

Bare bones: actually intersting choice of words...

Grappling is fun, groundfighting is not.

Tatami's are hard, concrete is way harder.

Grappling typically takes place on the ground, ground fights start while standing.

Learn to win a fight standing and avoid the concrete.

How do you create standup confidence?

1. Standup skills

2. Understand how real fights start and evolve [or devolve morally].

3. Utilize realistic role-playing drills to develop pre-contact cues that allow you to decrease reaction time.

4. An now the paradox: Get good on the ground so you dont 'fear' the ground.

5. Differentiate between grappling to submit and groundfighting to subdue.

Hope this helps.


Tony thank you for your replying to my questions. My interest on the ground work is for street survival only.I am not interested in sport grappling.So as far as time allows you feel stand up material takes priority? Should my groundfighting tecniques be primarly defensive in order to return to my feet as quickly as possible? As much as I enjoy training my free time is more limited now due to new family responsibilities,so I really need to know what I should prioritize to make the most of my training sessions.Thankyou for any comments.I greatly appreciate your knowledge and your time you take for my questions!


Not knowing your ability or background, what is crucial is that ideas arent taken literally...

Understanding how to control a confrontation at the pre-contact & stand-up phases is often thought of as learning to 'strike', by most people.

Standup material [your words} in my systems involves, role-playing, pre-contact cues, science of the sucker punch, SPEAR SYSTEM, fear management and more...

Protecting yourself is often thought of as 'defensive' my system protecting yourself is about absenting yourself from danger and that can involve flight to serious 'forward' aggression.

As you can see, both 'common' defintions are erroneous and/or limiting, depending on the situation.

Rember, definition determines directive.


*If you can, get a copy of the RAPE-SAFE videos and see what this total approach offers.