Ground game in the street, all kinds of animals jump in

For later

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume Young Republican National Convention. They cray-cray!

Notice the difference between the useless hoes jumping him all video long, and when the boys did it at the end. These bitches deserve to get slapped!

How’d the dude on the bottom get slept? He was still moving when the dudes jumped in. Did someone stomp him really quickly?

I thought I saw a punch but not sure.

I think one of the intervening dudes punched him in the face

Edit: he didn’t deserve this IMO. He was fighting, not butting in.

I was really hoping someone was gonna sleep that fat bitch.


Dude drew back on one of em and didn’t swing when he saw it was a girl. Fucking white kids.

Guy in the pink needs to retire from street fighting

That dude at the end just disappeared under the car.