Ok ok so i had this idea today. If i did one compound lift everyday would i see decent strength gains? So monday id go in bust out a 5x5 squat. Next day 5x5 bench, next day 5x5 deadlift, next day 5x5 overhead press, and the last day 5x5 rows. The reason for this is that i work at a muay thai gym and notice that when i lift a lot prior to going to work that by the time i can spar and everything im tired and slow. If i just did one of these id be saving some calories and not burning out before i train. My goal is to gain some size and of course some strength. More for aesthetic purposes because im strong for my sport but the suns coming out and would like to have some guns to go with it. Im 6"5 180 if that helps started at 160 last summer, just been eating and lifting (and training lightly) but lost my speed and endurance. Would like to keep both if thats possible! Thanks guys! Phone Post 3.0

sound a bit like:

If 5x5 is to much with your training, you might try Jim Wendlers 531 two day split program.

Yeah lifting like this is relatively common, so not groundbreaking.

I had good success with a plan like this myself, although I wasn't doing anything else physically at the time. Maybe some jits, but it didn't interfere.

Haha was joking about the groundbreaking. Just had to get some people in here. But shit do u guys recommend anything that could meet my goals other then taking time off from training Phone Post 3.0

I thought your plan was fine. I had success with something like that. Just tweek it to see how much you can handle.

Cool thanks Phone Post 3.0

I'm not a fan of this style of lifitng but it all depends on exactly how you implement it. Like anything, there are lot's of things to consider. My experience with just about any daily training plan is it will lead to burn out. Unless one is always working at sub-maixmal levels, or cycling intensity intelligently.



I tried something very similar and overtrained quickly. I ended up getting sick twice in about 8 weeks. Could have been coincidence but I don't think so.

I get much better results with at least a day off between weight training sessions and lifting no more than 3 days a week. But I could see this kind of training possibly working if you tend to recover quickly. Phone Post