Grounded + Subdued In N. Carolina

Mr. Blauer held a Tactical Groundfighting seminar in N.C. for a group of U.S. Army and Navy Special Forces operators. These men, some of which had extensive sport grappling backgrounds, had immediate realizations and paradigm shifts when they were exposed to TCMS Ballistic Ground Fighting.

Coach Blauer started by establishing the very clear difference between grappling and ground fighting. At first glance, the explosiveness and suddeness of Mr. Blauer's movement, instantly sets his methods apart from sport grappling. Tactically his striking and use of close-quarter tools is vicious, efficient and effective. As the person on the receiving end of Mr. Blauer's techniques throughout the seminar all I have to say is that during groundfighting Tony hits HARD, FAST, and OFTEN...I was in PAIN, QUICKLY and FREQUENTLY. And that's just at first glance. TCMS groundfighting goes way beyond that.

This group of Special Forces soldiers has special concerns in their very real, very dangerous arena of combat. And for that reason Mr. Blauer covered TCMS' unique and realistic methods of Combat Side Control and Combat Mount positions and applications of elements of the SPEAR System as they apply to High Risk Tactical Operators that may find themselves in a groundfight.

These positions and tactics, as created and taught by Mr. Blauer, are designed for real fights(the kind where losing would mean being maimed,disfigured, raped or killed), and also allow for fighting with full tactical gear on.

Coach Blauer's Three dimensional training methods also covered areas such as Groundfighting and movement while armed with duty weapon, groundfighting against and armed opponent(his weapon or and improvized one), and even going as far as when the opponent uses your weapons against you.

The seminar also taught operators how to to use Replication Theory as applied groundfighting scenarios. Specifically fighting while off-balance and in "bad" (read less desirable) positions. Mr. Blauer also emphasized the philosophy of groundfighting to subdue the opponent instead of grappling for submission.

These warriors were enthusiastic about the knowledge they received and very impressed with Mr. Blauer's skill and his ability to teach them tactics they can actually use in combat.

Tony Blauer continues to work with the Military and Law Enforcement communities worldwide teaching those who "Look for dangerous people in dangerous places, hence they are always in danger." T.B. Making them better at what they do best...keeping us out of danger.

Tony Torres
Va Beach, VA

Tony T, appreciate the post/review...I enjoyed the session and working with warriors is always a thrill. Their commitment is palpable.

On should be mentioned to readers that you dont live in Fayetteville NC, you live in Virginia and that you got up very early to drive 4+ hours, do the seminar and then drive home that night - again, commitment.

I was down giving a session on POst and had also scheduled a private seminar at Ron Donvito's CCI facility. The session couldnt have happened had Ron not put the word out to his contacts, plus, with the threat level the military is at, it was unclear who could attend...again, a show of comitment from SF soldiers from Bragg.

Again thanks Ron and the Close Combat Institute for hosting the session.


Tony T.,

"Tony hits HARD, FAST, and OFTEN...I was in PAIN, QUICKLY and FREQUENTLY." ...that about sums it up!

Your commitment speaks volumes!! Wish I could have been there!



Your commitment has been overwhelming. It's a pleasure to have you in 'the pack'.