groundfighter2000's OG Lesson of the Day

It's been quite awhile since my last installment of this educational series.

So here's what's been grinding my gears lately.

I see a lot of you people using "advise" incorrectly.

"Advise" is a verb. "Advice" is a noun.

I've been reading on some threads, "oh man this was good advise." "That's just my advise."

Please stop doing it. You're embarrassing yourself. You sound like a bunch of chuck knuckles.

And don't get me started on "faze" vs "phase"

WorlynnLotD - If you have trouble remembering the difference between the two, it might help to keep in mind that advice and advise operate much like device and devise. You devise a plan, but to do so, you might use a device. Similarly, if you advise a friend, you are giving her a piece of advice.

This is a great addition to the lesson. Thank you sir!

Unfortunately it's too late to edit the thread title or else I would have named it "groundfighter2000 and WorlynnLotD's OG Lesson of the Day"!

Good advice guys!! 


Any boner advise?


UK OGers spell it with the s. Both spellings are acceptable.

This advise was like a breathe of fresh air.

What a looser OP is