group interview, eek! TME

landed a first-step group interview with lululemon... freaking myself out, need information to soothe the brain beast... anyone familiar with group interview practices? what should i expect?

ah crap... move to OG please?

 group interview means you have a low probability of landing the gig, so don't sweat it too much

I just had to go through a group interview with four other canidates they key thing is having a answer planned out for every question they might ask. Google the name of your company followed by interview questions and you should find a bunch of sites were people will say what they experienced in the interview. Also make sure your wearing a full suite and tie and constantly make eye contact and smile during the interview. At the very end make sure you ask a question when he/she asks does anyone have any questions it will make you sound more intrested. Also be sure to ask for a business card for a follow up thanks for your time letter and give a firm handshake. Doing all of these just landed me a job best of luck!! Phone Post