Group Of Bikers Surprise Little Kids Selling Lemonade By Buying It All!

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Good bikers are usually fantastic people.

Then you’ve got asshole bikers.

I like to think we’ve got more good bikers than asshole bikers. Like the guys in the vid. And guys like Popeye who do the BACA thing.

Good post.

Good thing none of those kids were wearing a Sons of Anarchy vest

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81 Lemonade Entrepreneurs are watching this thread. Act accordingly.


Not a helmet amongst them. God bless them bikers!

Sends the wrong message to the kids. In life things don’t come easy.

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BLM has condemned the children for selling to white supremacists and later burned down their lemonade stand.

Those white supremacists buying it all just so the people of color in the neighborhood can’t get any!

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Oh jeez please don’t give them any ideas. Your comment is much closer to real life than satire.

it does when you’re in a MC.