Grouper Tournament!

Hey ya'll!

Sorry, I didnt extend the invite earlier but a buddy and I run this tournaments outta SW FL.

If any forum members want to join in on the tournament c'mon! It will be a blast, last year we had 60+ boats and over 700lbs of grouper were weighed in. If you cant fish try to come on down to the awards on Sunday. We are having a auction, raffles, grouper fry, band, bar, bounce house for the kids etc.

Hope you released the goliath groupers if you caught any.

Did you guys see my bud Timmy O'neil in that "raft" tournament in miami?

Dudes were catching marlins while rafting on inner tubes out past fowrey rocks...............something a little wrong with that.

any pics Wally?

"any pics Wally?"

Tournament is in 2 weeks ie august 19th.

Last year 120lbs won it so some big grouper.


I think your buddy was catching sails not marlin.

No Jewfish are allowed in the tournament since its a weigh in type event.

I guess it was sails......saw it again.

Nobody looked too willing to get them too near the inner tubes.

I saw that tournament on rafts, just awesome!

Tournament went great!

About 50 teams, huge parties, bands, 1500 lbs of fish, kegs, girls ie a perfect weekend.

you can check it out on